Less is More

Not a house tour today as such but a quick glimpse into the world of an amazing site by the name of Less is More. For some reason my computer is not translating today, therefore I cannot tell you anything about Less is More. Honestly though, I think the pictures speak for themselves.

How is awesome is that A in that kids room? Very much on my wishlist. If you live an Australia, you are lucky enough to be able to purchase the coolest products from a company that epitomises cool, Fromage La Rue. I do believe some of these letters are making their way to LeeAnn Yares Collected very soon.

Happy hump day to you all.

Amy x

Pillow obsession

So on my bed, I have a cool butlers ticking stripe quilt from Wallace and Cotton. Frankie has a star cot duvet cover from G Nancy and Patch has a crosses blanket from Jamie Kay. All 3 of these are black and white. I love them. I dont really like keeping things the same for too long however. Thats where my obsession with pillowcases comes in. Because of the bedding I have chosen for each bed, its so easy to change the look regularly just by swapping pillowcases around. Below are a handful of my absolute faves around at the moment.

via A Merry Mishap Blog with thanks
Mixing and matching your pillows is the perfect way to add interest. What do you think?

Amy x

Le Sac En Papier

Images Via

Okay okay so we have all seen the Le Sac En Papier storage bags in various images floating around the net at the moment. Look cool don't they? But are they practical? Are they strong? Do they hold well? YES YES YES! That is my answer for you. 

I am lucky enough to own one of these beauties sold exclusively in New Zealand from For Keeps and already I want more. My Le Sac En Papier storage bag rotates around the kids rooms, housing their ever growing collection of soft toys. However I am thinking these brilliant storage bags would also be perfect for those trillions of pairs of socks that seem to turn up at the door, wrapping paper and ribbons in your office or I am even thinking they would look super cool with a plant placed inside as seen above.

Be sure to get yours now for such a small price from New Zealands For Keeps. They even make super cool gifts for those hard to buy for folk in your life.

Amy x

House Tour

Digging the use of artwork used in this small apartment. LOVE that linen bedding and the cushions and furniture add interest and character.

Purchase items such as these shown below to achieve a similar look to this monochromatic apartment.

Top row - Nynne Rosenvinge and Pony Rider art work from Mint Six. Bottom row from right - cushion from Mint Six, Mocka post box and Jamie Kay grey gran cushion.

These Scandi prints from Pop Motif would add the perfect touch to an apartment such as the one above. 

Amy x

Found via here with thanks


Can you believe it? Milo and Mitzy has reached 5000 likes on Facebook. Who would have thought that people would want to read and see the gibberish that I post?

Because of this, as thanks to you guys, I thought that a MASSIVE give away was in order. (Comp open to NZ residents only sorry)

I managed to get some of my favorite businesses on board. The HUGEST thanks goes out to the above businesses. See our Facebook page for more details.

ONE lucky person will receive ALL of the above. A duffel bag from George & Willy, a grey storage sack from The Foxes Den, a night sky pillow from Henry and Co, a grey leather clutch from Paper Plane, Fine Little Day drop cushion from Perch Home, Nynne Rosenvinge A3 Print from Mint Six, Bondi Towel from Ottoloom, white servery industrial light from Ico Traders, navy woolen blanket from Forestry Home, By Nord tea towel from Surrey Park, Hoo Me print from A Bird in a Bunny Suit, and a raw concrete diamond from SE3. PHEW!!! Thank you Thank you!!!!

To enter simply click on this link! So easy. Tell your friends! GOOD LUCK. Winner will be drawn Sunday evening.

Or head over to Milo and Mitzys Facebook Page to find out more.

Amy x

Cafe Style

I would probably consider myself a bit of a foodie. Okay so I still have my fair share of disasters in the kitchen but preparing food is very much my happy place. Dining out and about is also my happy place. I could sit in a cafe all day long actually. I appreciate the food as well as the interior.

Todays cafes have very much upped the anti when it comes to their interior styling. I believe customers appreciate this and a cafe is just as much about the atmosphere you are sitting in as it is about eating great food and drinking rad coffee.

Achieve a similar look in your own kitchen using industrial style lightshades, vintage crates, wooden boxes and anything marbel.

Such a huge huge fan of this all. Marbel, black boards, industrial lights, wine, gourmet food, galvanised shelving, wooden storage boxes. Ahhh the list goes on. Perfection. 

Amy x

Found via

Home Tour - Daniella Witte

Happy Monday folks. Today on the blog I am sharing with you the beautiful home of talented interior designer and photographer Daniella Witte. Simple, easy neutral goodness.

All images by Daniella Witte
Obsessed with it all. Love the kitchen. A fabulous mix of country and industrial style. Swooning over those open metal shelves and how awesome is Daniella's office space? Love the chair and that rug and isnt amazing how much indoor effect indoor plants have on a space? One very talented lady that is for sure.

Amy x

House Tour - Moden Living

Call me a sheep, but as interior styles change my style seems to have changed also. Dont get me wrong, I still have a distinct style that is very much my own. I still love old mixed with new, a bit of industrial thrown in, lots of black and white and mixing patterns up never go astray either. Its fair to say, that I have never been your modern, new build house kind of gal... but, as I look at so many amazing interior images daily my views have changed on this perspective. I am very much loving modern contemporary design at the moment. I am loving marble, digging concrete surfaces and crushing all over modern lighting fixtures.

Here, what gets me are the clean sleek surfaces mixed with modern contemporary furniture. The teal coloured legs on this dining table really float my boat and the mix of wood, steel and glass just fits so well throughout this room.

That Great Dane Chair is to die for and day beds are a clever way of mixing it up rather than always using a sofa in your living room.

A fantastic choice of art used throughout this home which sets the tone and adds interest to this monochromatic house. Lastly, I am a big fan of the bathroom vanity. Again, fantastic and interesting choice of furniture.

Images via La Maison d'Anna G with thanks via Oscar Properties.

Amy x

Every Day Needs wish list

Every Day Needs. An absolute stunner of a shop. See my current wish list below (was hard to choose)and have a swell day whatever you may be doing and where ever you are.

More on the blog later with a house tour and a shopkeeper interview later in the week.

Amy x

Nodi Rugs

Recently, I was introduced to New Zealands Nodi Rugs. These exquisite handmade rugs with a difference have combined the design influences from Italy with the handmade, traditional weaving techniques of India. Olivia Smith is the brains and creative driving force behind these striking unique pieces. Olivia spent 6 months living in India researching dying and weaving techniques to prefect her designs.

Above includes Olivia during her time spent in India where she was hands on in the whole making process. Visiting various factories allowed her to research the best possible techniques and materials.

Visit Olivia here to check out more amazing Nodi Rug goodness. A rug is the prefect way to update any space in your home.

Amy x

Wish List - The Family Design Store

It is no secret that I am a massive fan of online shopping. My new mail man must have a heart attack delivering all my goods. It is also no secret that I am a huge supporter of New Zealands The Family Design Store. Below are just some of the things on my current wish list. I am especially loving the new ACME cup and saucer. Perfect for your morning coffee.

Over the next wee while I will be bringing you mood boards similar to above showcasing some of my favorite stores and the goodies on offer. Keep your eyes peeled and for now pop over and visit Chelsea at The Family Design Store.

Amy x

Shop Keeper Interview - Scott of Pop Motif

An exciting shopkeeper interview for you this morning. I am thrilled to introduce you to Scott the mastermind behind Pop Motif, the store bringing you the latest and raddest vintage, pop and urban prints. Thanks so much Scott.


What do you do for a living?

Pop Motif is pretty much a full time role for me these days. Before starting Pop Motif I worked as a professional bass player and spent many years touring, gigging and recording with various bands. The arrival of my daughter demanded a change of lifestyle, however I am still passionate about music and do some private tuition on the side to keep that side of me engaged. The two roles complement each other nicely.  

How does a normal day fold out for you?

I usually begin the day by going to the gym which is a necessity for keeping me sane!
I then start processing orders, talking to suppliers and customers, researching new artists, doing the social media thing and generally trying to deal with the challenges of running a growing business.


Who inspires you?

My partner tells me that I have an unhealthy obsession with Roger Federer, which I wont deny. I am generally inspired by those who have chosen the road less traveled. At the moment I am really inspired by New Zealander's who have grown successful businesses from scratch. People like Phoebe Hayman from Seedling spring to mind.

What websites/blogs could we find you reading?

Milo & Mitzy of course as well as The Design Chaser, RE:ADDRESS and Cush & Nooks - I like NZ made. I also love Pinterest. It's my main avenue for discovering new artists and trends.

What is your interior style?

It used to be Scandinavian influenced design offset by bold, colourful vintage pieces - usually large format vintage posters.  Now my home is modelled on what I like to call 'toddler chic'. Toys, more toys and general chaos reign supreme.

What is your fashion style?

Lots of black.

From your store, what is on your wishlist to buy right now.

Playtype Posters and Ylva Skarp Prints from our Scandinavian collection. Stunning!

From anywhere, what is on your wish list to buy right now?

I need a new rug for my office. The Cotton Striped Floor Rug in Black & Milk from LET LIV would do just nicely.


What is your favorite holiday destination and why?

Hahei in the Coromandel. I feel rejuvenated everytime I come away from there. Such a special place. It makes me realize how lucky we are to live in New Zealand.

What is your favorite meal to cook or have cooked for you?

I must confess my culinary skills are average at best. Luckily my partner Jane is pretty handy in that area. She makes an amazing lemon & prawn risotto Yum!

Any 5 year plans you would like to share with us?

I don't like planning that far ahead. In the short term we are working toward opening a pop up store in the near future to showcase all the amazing art prints we stock.

Thanks so much for your time Scott.

Amy x

Logan and Mason - Timeless and Classic

Recently, I was lucky to be given the opportunity, again, to style some gorgeous bedding from Logan and Mason. This time...