Le Sac En Papier

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Okay okay so we have all seen the Le Sac En Papier storage bags in various images floating around the net at the moment. Look cool don't they? But are they practical? Are they strong? Do they hold well? YES YES YES! That is my answer for you. 

I am lucky enough to own one of these beauties sold exclusively in New Zealand from For Keeps and already I want more. My Le Sac En Papier storage bag rotates around the kids rooms, housing their ever growing collection of soft toys. However I am thinking these brilliant storage bags would also be perfect for those trillions of pairs of socks that seem to turn up at the door, wrapping paper and ribbons in your office or I am even thinking they would look super cool with a plant placed inside as seen above.

Be sure to get yours now for such a small price from New Zealands For Keeps. They even make super cool gifts for those hard to buy for folk in your life.

Amy x

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