House Tour - Moden Living

Call me a sheep, but as interior styles change my style seems to have changed also. Dont get me wrong, I still have a distinct style that is very much my own. I still love old mixed with new, a bit of industrial thrown in, lots of black and white and mixing patterns up never go astray either. Its fair to say, that I have never been your modern, new build house kind of gal... but, as I look at so many amazing interior images daily my views have changed on this perspective. I am very much loving modern contemporary design at the moment. I am loving marble, digging concrete surfaces and crushing all over modern lighting fixtures.

Here, what gets me are the clean sleek surfaces mixed with modern contemporary furniture. The teal coloured legs on this dining table really float my boat and the mix of wood, steel and glass just fits so well throughout this room.

That Great Dane Chair is to die for and day beds are a clever way of mixing it up rather than always using a sofa in your living room.

A fantastic choice of art used throughout this home which sets the tone and adds interest to this monochromatic house. Lastly, I am a big fan of the bathroom vanity. Again, fantastic and interesting choice of furniture.

Images via La Maison d'Anna G with thanks via Oscar Properties.

Amy x

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