Shop Keeper Interview - Scott of Pop Motif

An exciting shopkeeper interview for you this morning. I am thrilled to introduce you to Scott the mastermind behind Pop Motif, the store bringing you the latest and raddest vintage, pop and urban prints. Thanks so much Scott.


What do you do for a living?

Pop Motif is pretty much a full time role for me these days. Before starting Pop Motif I worked as a professional bass player and spent many years touring, gigging and recording with various bands. The arrival of my daughter demanded a change of lifestyle, however I am still passionate about music and do some private tuition on the side to keep that side of me engaged. The two roles complement each other nicely.  

How does a normal day fold out for you?

I usually begin the day by going to the gym which is a necessity for keeping me sane!
I then start processing orders, talking to suppliers and customers, researching new artists, doing the social media thing and generally trying to deal with the challenges of running a growing business.


Who inspires you?

My partner tells me that I have an unhealthy obsession with Roger Federer, which I wont deny. I am generally inspired by those who have chosen the road less traveled. At the moment I am really inspired by New Zealander's who have grown successful businesses from scratch. People like Phoebe Hayman from Seedling spring to mind.

What websites/blogs could we find you reading?

Milo & Mitzy of course as well as The Design Chaser, RE:ADDRESS and Cush & Nooks - I like NZ made. I also love Pinterest. It's my main avenue for discovering new artists and trends.

What is your interior style?

It used to be Scandinavian influenced design offset by bold, colourful vintage pieces - usually large format vintage posters.  Now my home is modelled on what I like to call 'toddler chic'. Toys, more toys and general chaos reign supreme.

What is your fashion style?

Lots of black.

From your store, what is on your wishlist to buy right now.

Playtype Posters and Ylva Skarp Prints from our Scandinavian collection. Stunning!

From anywhere, what is on your wish list to buy right now?

I need a new rug for my office. The Cotton Striped Floor Rug in Black & Milk from LET LIV would do just nicely.


What is your favorite holiday destination and why?

Hahei in the Coromandel. I feel rejuvenated everytime I come away from there. Such a special place. It makes me realize how lucky we are to live in New Zealand.

What is your favorite meal to cook or have cooked for you?

I must confess my culinary skills are average at best. Luckily my partner Jane is pretty handy in that area. She makes an amazing lemon & prawn risotto Yum!

Any 5 year plans you would like to share with us?

I don't like planning that far ahead. In the short term we are working toward opening a pop up store in the near future to showcase all the amazing art prints we stock.

Thanks so much for your time Scott.

Amy x

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