Sunday, December 15, 2013

House Tour

In absolute, total awe of these rooms found over in this house here. Loving everything about them. Shows how well you can decorate a white room using unique furniture, rugs and art work. 

Madly trying to get things sorted in this last week of Christmas. Have done all of my shopping online this year and I am loving it! So convenient and I have not stepped foot into one shop. Sorry retailers but town and me just do not mix at the moment.

Amy x

Spotted thanks to Vic from Cush and Nooks

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  1. HI Amy - totally agree with you re this house - is gorgeous! Particularly love the copper oven vent thingy, leather dining chairs and painting in the first pic. Could happily slip any of them through the doors into my own house!!!

    Online shopping - thanks in no small part to you and Vic Bibby (Cush and Nooks) I have found the most fabulous stores that do online and retail, too. So it is not that the retailers are missing out - it's just that the cleverest shops also have great websites. Let your fingers do the walking, I say.......Works for me!!

    Have a fabulous Christmas, particularly with your freshly delivered baby!!

    Rachel C xo


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