Nga Waiata

Last month I graduated from a 4 year primary teaching degree. It feels like it has taken me forever! During this time I got married, had 2 babies, started a business with my husband and kept Milo and Mitzy running so its fair to say I deserved a wee treat!

Hot hot hot on my wish list was a Nga Waiata ring and it has been on my wish list for a long time. Ngas jewellery is made from sustainably mined brazillian crystals and recycled native New Zealand black maire hardwood. 

Nga Wai has worked for many years in the fashion industry and has been heavily involved with fine arts, her work reflecting both of these.Each piece is hand made and takes on its on uniqueness while being created.

Check here for a list of stockists and perhaps leave this page open for hubby/boyfriend/partner to see!

Amy x

Annabell Kutucu

I have always adored Annabell Kutucu hence the reason I am head over heels for this newly transformed apartment in Vienna...