Nicki Plowman Handmade Clutches

If you are anything like me, leaving the Christmas shopping until the last minute is a given. You get there somehow but only just. Well I am going to help you out and point you in the right direction when it comes to shopping for all of the women in your life. Mums, friends, sisters Aunts, and I think you deserve to buy yourself this gift also.

I am actually amazed that I have only just discovered these beauties but how divine are they? These handmade indian bohemian style swati clutches from Nicki Plowman are incredible and would make any girl swoon. Hand stitched in exotic colours and patterns suggestive of the festivals, adventure, and culture of India. These one of a kind clutches add a bold statement and pop of colour to any outfit, making the perfect Christmas stocking filler for all of the girls in your life.

Shop here or contact Nicki, sales@nickiplowman

Amy x 

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