Welcome Back x

I feel like I need to open this by saying a massive hello to you all and that I hope you are all keeping well. We have just returned from an incredible family wedding in Vanuatu. The trip was incredible and I fell in love with the local kids. I was blown away with the fact that on one side of the rode is the most luxurious of resorts while over the other side is extreme poverty. I watched as the children played house in a pile of rubbish. They were so happy doing their thing with what little they could find. They were friendly and beautiful. 

I missed my own kids hugely, but can safely say after one night of them being angels upon our arrival home, we are all back in to our full of energy ways. 

Speaking of full of energy, Ive come back inspired, rested and ready to launch into some amazing design and styling projects. I look forward to sharing. 

How good is this incredible living come reading room designed by Pipkorn & Kilpatrick? The painted fire place, bespoke book shelves, choice of furniture and lighting and the deep rich pallet really attract me to this room. The lighting is by clever New Zealand brand Douglas and Bec - another example of locals killing it internationally. 

I am a sucker for a good sweat. I am also a sucker for anything Castle and Things. These playful sweaters and next on my wish list. Perfect for every day wear whether it to work in the classroom for me or to a fitness class or simply hanging out with the family. I'm all over them. 

Our week away in Vanuatu saw us doing A LOT of drinking and eating. I found myself craving home cooked food towards the end. I am a bit of a 'kiwi sort of home made meal kind of eater' I guess you would call it. Love my veges, meats and fresh salads. This loaded lamb meatballs with egg plant, hummus, pine nuts, coriander and mint from talented New Zealand food blogger Sarah Tuck of Stuck in the Kitchen is on my menu for this week and the best bit is, my kids LOVE meatballs too. Winning! 

I am absolutely adoring the new range from Jaime Kay. Jamie is one incredibly talented woman. Jamie and I first started talking through social media and blogging way back when I started Milo and Mitzy and Jamie had just produced a best selling knit blanket. I have seen Jamie Kay go from Strength to strength since and admire and am amazed at all that she has achieved. Oh to have a little one to dress in this gorgeous range again! 

Happy Sunday.

Amy xx

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