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Happy Queens Birthday to you all. An average day weather wise here but nice to get jobs done around the house although my vacuum cleaner did pack itself! And can you believe it? I am actually writing a blog! Heres hoping it wont be too far between posts next time.

I am always a massive fan of how the Australians do design and interiors and this Bondi home by architect Michelle Orszaczky and built by Robert Plumb Project is no exception. They seem to nail that indoor/outdoor living every time and fair enough I guess with their weather.  The gabled roof and wooden slats are what caught my eye with the exterior and the choices of wood, the white accents, the lighting choices and that office space is the winner for me on the inside. (Photography by Prue Roscoe and landscape designed by

How gorgeous is this new children's clothing brand Hudson + The Hare? Brought to you by talented designer Lily from Coastal Coramandel village, Kuaotuna, and inspired by the adventures of her son, Hudson. Do you want to know the bad news? They only go up to a size 4. Boooo. Why cant Frankie and Patch stop growing? Slow down please! 

I always will be and always have been a massive lover and avid follower of homewares and textile company, Ponyrider. Actually I was the first person to retail their wares here in New Zealand. I brought a small bespoke line of art works into the country and they went in a flash. 

I was stoked to see one of my favourite stores, Superette had a new range of Ponyrider products in store and online. Check them out here for more. 

Amy x

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