Mercer and Mercer X George & Willy X The Style Tales by Christall Lowe X Blackbird Goods

Back to school this week. I can hear the cheers from Mums around the country. Back to work for me that means. It was so nice to enjoy some time with the kids at our new home over the holidays. Nice not to rush in the mornings and can I just say how awesome it was not having to make school lunches!

If I rememember rightly, I think it was the ceilings of this home that caught my attention. The use of concrete blocks and the cedar cladding is a real winner. Raw materials, the lack of lining and unfussy details is what makes this house work. Designed by New Zealand architect firm, Mercer & Mercer, the brief from the clients was different and fun which has certainly been acheived. Interior by Grant and Liz Davis and photography by Patrick Reynolds. 

George & Willy's reputation just keeps going from strength to stregnth. As a magazine addict, I regularly buy home and design magazine, a lot of these been Australian based. Its not often at present that I dont pick up an Australian home magazine and George and Willy dont feature. These guys are killing it here and internationally. My picks for today is the leather skipping rope and the leather mouse pad. Such cool unique gifts to give. 

I have always been a fan of Christall Lowe of The Style Tales. So much talent and so inspiring. This girl knows how to create, cook, style and photograph all in one and guess what, shes happy to teach you, too. If this is your thing, or you have an inkling to learn, I strongly recommed you to purchase a ticket to her workshop. I hope to be there for sure. 

And lastly, when I see clothing like this I go all clucky like! Why cant my babies still be small?! Stop growing already would ya? These gorgeous denim numbers are from local faves, Blackbird Goods

Amy x

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