Williams Road

Happy Christmas and New Years to you all. I think I say this every year but this year I have some big things planned in 2018 for Milo and Mitzy. And some big things planned personally for my family. Im hoping to continue to bring you the latest in design both nationally and internationally and will continue to appreciate receiving your emails and messages with products suggestions or simply questions and hellos.

I am so wrapt to introduce you to Williams Road. After a trip around Bali 4 years ago on a scooter visiting furniture factories, Owner Kate Williams, saw a gap in the market between high end design pieces and chain store pieces. Kate wanted to bring something a little different. Pieces that werent already availiable here in New Zealand and at a more affordable price. (Onto a winning combo there if you ask me) 

As well as beautiful products, Williams Road offers custom design pieces and an interior design service run in conjuction with talented interior designer Kate Shanahan, and at a very reasonable price might I add. Hey, I am tempted! 

I am all over that drinks trolley. Such a statement piece. 

Enjoy that sunshine, long may it last.

Amy x

Annabell Kutucu

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