Fearon Hay X Paper Plane X Marle

Sorry sorry sorry for my huge lack of absence. I have had this blog sitting for a week waiting to be finished off. Not long until the end of the school year. As much as I love being in the classroom I have to admit, I am counting down and ready for the summer break. We have had lots on, Our beautiful farm is on the market. It will be very sad to leave as we love this place but there are exciting new adventures to be had. Along with school I have had lots of new design and styling opportunities coming my way which I am very much loving and hope to do more of in the future. And on top of that, I feel semi organised in terms of christmas shopping. Oh and its my birthday in just over a week and I am a real birthday celebrator! (love a good brithday!) 

I absolutley adore the work of Fearon Hay Architects and always have done. When I saw this rececent project that they had completed, The Forest House, I instantly loved everything about it. That incredible gabled roof for one, is a showstopper in iteself and the use of dark timber throughout compliement the Waitakere Ranges that the house is situated at the foot of. Its no wonder this house has won several awards. Photography by Simon Wilson and Amelia Holms.

How cool are these new silloutte prints by Swedish artist, Amelie Hegardt, for Paper Collective avaliable here in New Zealand from Paper Plane. Speaking of Paper Plane, Did you see their latest catalogue. Honestly, if you want business inspiration, these guys are killing it. 

Im all about amazing New Zealand brands today. How good is the latest collection from Marle? Delicate colours and muted hues which is right up my alley. I just adore it and so easy and versatile to wear. 

Happy days. 

Amy x

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