Home tour X Annise Designs

Small businesses are killing it at the moment. Its all thanks to hard work and the power of social media. If you can acheive getting your business seen as cool and the latest must have on social media, you are on your way to nailing it. Part of this is by using influencers in your line of work to get your products out into the pucblic eye. I believe that this type of advertising is the way forward. There is a cost, these influencers are running a business, also. However a cost I feel is crucial. I will talk further into this at some stage, but for now enjoy a beautiful hometour and a gorgeous small local business, Annise Designs.

Here is an example of a home mixing old and new so perfectly.  The white walls, wooden floors and brass fittings combined with pops of muted colour really work. This incredible home by Templeton Architecture is an entry in the 2017 Australian Interior Design Awards.

Annise Designs is a firm favourite of mine and it is fair to say, they are nailing it in the candle industry at present.

The candles are all hand poured and are made from soy wax which is derived from soy beans. Soy wax burns cleaner than paraffin wax and is eco-friendly, sustainable and is non-toxic, an absolute winner in my books.

I cannot tell you enough, how lovely my home smells when I light a candle from Annise Designs. Always a comment made by visitors. Such a lovely gift for friends and family and the customer service is outstanding. Can you tell that I am loving this brand?

Photography and Styling by Amy Tennent, Milo and Mitzy

Amy x

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