Fremont Hide x Strangers Collective x Robson Rak

Happy Sunday to you all. I thought, what better way to finish off the week than to introduce you to some rad brands and some outstanding design?

Fremont Hide. These caps sure are a staple in anyones wardrobe. Male or Female. AND super comfy. A must have. Like seriously, these guys, Elena and Rick, are all over it. I was lucky enough to have virtual chat with one half of the creative duo, Elena. I love a good story and this one is a goody.

Our story started when we were travelling around Mexico and the states, we found some really cool markets which had beautiful leather goods. It inspired us to start our own business and support the NZ leather market as NZ is well renowned worldwide for producing some of the best leather. We decided to use deer leather, as the industry is in decline, yet, it is some of the best leather in the world. We were inspired to hand make our products in New Zealand to support the local economy. 

We love that each of our caps are unique, due to the individual characteristics of each animal hide and the limited runs we make.

We hand make around 10 - 20 hats of each colour and hand pick each hide used for the hats and we name each hat after a special place we have visited. 

The hats are super comfortable and are adjustable to anyones head. They are great for travelling because of the flexible peak and design, meaning you can throw it in your bag, and not worry about it getting crushed.

Honestly, I highly recommend adding one of these amazing Fremonte Hide caps to your wardrobe. A necessity, for sure!

Strangers Collective - a beautiful, curated collection of unique and well designed pieces for your home. Strangers Collective was born when two design mad Mums, Leigh and Lysh, joined forces. From cute little ceramic bowls, to handwoven beautiful throws, amazing hand drawn prints and even plant based hand soaps and creams, so much goodness in one space. Three of my personal favourite above. Watch this space. I believe Strangers Collective are ones to watch.

And lastly, lets finish off with some clever work from the ever talented Robson Rak Architects. Robson Rak Architects gave this incredible family home a complete re-design using a mix of bricks, polished concrete and dark oak textures and ensuring to open the living areas to utilise the outdoor space.

Photography by Lisa Cohen and Mark Roper

Amy x

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