Simone Haag x Sans Ceutical x Urban Home

Happy Monday to everyone. A much darker morning here. Does that mean that winter is on its way? Surely not after the dismal summer that we have had.

On Friday I attended the New Zealand House and Garden walk here in Hawkes Bay. It was beautiful. I came away incredibly inspired. I also came away feeling like I wanted to change my whole house. Some of these homes were a bit show homeish for my liking and some of these home were filled with the most beautiful things. What you could see, was that each of the home owners had filled these homes (the ones that I really admired) with pieces that they either loved or that had a significant meaning to them. Sometimes we fill our homes with things that are on trend. (I do it, I even fill my home with things that might photograph well!) Crazy really. So what I did learn from probably the 6 out of 9 homes that I loved is to fill your home with only things that have meaning to you or that you absolutely adore.

Speaking of filling a home with beautiful things, someone who does it well is talented Australian designer Simone Haag who's beach house seen above was featured on The Design Files. This gorgeous beach house which can be rented out by the way, is situated on Phillip island on the Victorian Coast . With a Californian cool vibe, this renovated beach house has seen many good times for Simone and her family who visit regularly.

While I was on the New Zealand House and Garden tour, I received a goodie bag at the start. In it was the most beautifully wrapped Sans Ceutical package. Inside contained a gorgeous wee bottle of body, hair and face oil, which prompted me to investigate more. Although not a new name to me, I have never actually tried the products. After using this oil through out the weekend, I will definitely be looking into getting more. What I love about this brand is the fact that founder Lucy Vincent has created seasonal products. That's a no brainer really and more companies should be looking into this. Their aesthetic is beautiful, their packaging is spot on and their story is one in which I admire.

I adore everything that New Zealands Urban Home stock. The fact that they are different to everyone else. They have some gorgeous brands on board and some beautiful, quality pieces for your home.

Amy x

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