Garden Love x Hatchet Duffel x Alex & Corbans Berlin Throw

Happy Sunday. Its always a goody when you kick it off with no hangover. I have sent the kids out for a picnic while I attempt to get some work done. I have pages and pages open on my computer screen. Half of them are blogging things and half of them are school things. Multi tasking at its finest.

My family and I are I guess you would say outdoorsy people. (Does it count if I meant enjoying a wine outside?) Living on a farm, we are lucky enough to have a lot of space. The next big project my husband and I would like to do, is the landscaping on our property. We have a fairly blank canvas which is great and I love gardens but it is safe to say I need a bit of help. Some expert advice one layout and plantings. This landscaping and planting above is so up my alley. Lots of greens and lots of structure. Husband is dreaming of a tennis court, I am dreaming of a pool. The reality is, neither of us will get either for a very long time! This contemporary garden is designed by Melbourne based Eugene Gilligan.I (Can we fly him over?)

I love these duffel bags from New Zealands Hatchet. Made from a mix of oiled leather and waxed canvas. With removable straps and lockable zips, these duffel bags make the perfect overnight or weekender bag.

How good is the Berlin Throw from Alex & Corban. Made from wool, this throw is the perfect addition for any bed, sofa or reading nook.

Amy x

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