Fearon Hay X Paper Plane X Marle

Sorry sorry sorry for my huge lack of absence. I have had this blog sitting for a week waiting to be finished off. Not long until the end of the school year. As much as I love being in the classroom I have to admit, I am counting down and ready for the summer break. We have had lots on, Our beautiful farm is on the market. It will be very sad to leave as we love this place but there are exciting new adventures to be had. Along with school I have had lots of new design and styling opportunities coming my way which I am very much loving and hope to do more of in the future. And on top of that, I feel semi organised in terms of christmas shopping. Oh and its my birthday in just over a week and I am a real birthday celebrator! (love a good brithday!) 

I absolutley adore the work of Fearon Hay Architects and always have done. When I saw this rececent project that they had completed, The Forest House, I instantly loved everything about it. That incredible gabled roof for one, is a showstopper in iteself and the use of dark timber throughout compliement the Waitakere Ranges that the house is situated at the foot of. Its no wonder this house has won several awards. Photography by Simon Wilson and Amelia Holms.

How cool are these new silloutte prints by Swedish artist, Amelie Hegardt, for Paper Collective avaliable here in New Zealand from Paper Plane. Speaking of Paper Plane, Did you see their latest catalogue. Honestly, if you want business inspiration, these guys are killing it. 

Im all about amazing New Zealand brands today. How good is the latest collection from Marle? Delicate colours and muted hues which is right up my alley. I just adore it and so easy and versatile to wear. 

Happy days. 

Amy x

Dion Robeson X Ruby Resort X Pencil and Hammer

Can you believe how quickly the year is going. And as Christmas nears, the days seem to get busier. I have to remind myself at this time of the year to take each day one step at a time and to first and foremost, look after myself. I'm currently living by the motto - Plan your work, work your plan. A mix of interior inspiration, fashion and art for you today. Enjoy.

Above is the very clever work of photographer Dion Robeson who specialises in architectural and interior photography. Dion has worked for some of the best international design magazines as well as various sites, such as The Design Files. His work is clean and unique with incredible light. 

Oh Ruby Resort 2017, you had me at hello. Every piece in this new collection is high on my wish list. The bold prints and colours are perfect for this summer. And those shoes, Ill be ordering those shoes for sure. 

You all know I love art and love to change the art around on my walls frequently. I am stoked to have discovered the work of graphic designer Jackie Bott of Pencil and Hammer. Pencil and Hammer was born in 2013 from Jackies love for bold prints and her passion for colour. My pick, these incredible high quality abstract prints amongst a combination of bold colours and subtle hues. A prefect gift for Christmas. 

Amy x

Home Tour x Tathra Beach Designs x The Brim Label

Happy days to you all. Whats been happening in my world? Teaching that's what. I get home after a day at school and Frankie wants me to do some more learning with her. I try and talk her into having a play or chilling out and watching a bit of telly so I can catch my breath at least but she is that enthusiastic! Tired yes, but surprisingly these first few weeks of Frankies school life have gone well. I spent my day with Patch today as I don't work on Mondays so we hang. Although he would actually prefer to hit the farm with Dad. 

How is this for small home living? An absolutley beautiful home found thanks to Inside Out Australia, surrounded by eucalyptus and bottlebrush in heartland Victoria. Home owner Georgina elisted the help of Branch Studio Architects to match the impressive natural surroundings. See More of this home in Small House Living Australia, by Catherine Foster for Penguin Books.

One that has always been on my radar, Tathra Beach Designs, located on the Far South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Run by by local residents and Interior Designers, Linda Tarlinton & Stacey Leafe , the store presents carefully selected wares with a focus being small production Honestly, these guys... everything they stock I want... ALWAYS! Immaculate style and taste. Pop over to shop or check them out here on Instagram. 

The Brim Label kills it once again. Always such incredible attention to detail, this brand just keeps getting better, turning heads some would say. This season sees a gorgeous kids line added to the mix which I will definitely be purchasing. 

Happy days. 

Amy x

Home Tour X Summer Swim X Georgia Jay

Another week down, another week closer to Christmas. Always tell myself each year that I am going to get onto Christmas presents early, yet to be done! Brothers, sisters and the inlaws, what do you buy for them? I try and get them something as a couple, all the same. Perhaps something foodie. Any suggestions of great things you have seen around this year for the siblings?

The green obsession still seems to continue. Not sure, why or what it is. Just a fresher take on the natural home, I guess. The incredible kitchen in this Australian home designed by owners Tanya McKenna and Peter Chadwick along with Tanyas architect sister Carla Karsakis of Etica Studio is what caught my eye today. Im loving square tiling details at the moment and the grating up that stairway! How cool is it? And different. Thank you to The Design Files for introducing me. 

Although over the past two weeks the fitness has gone out the door somewhat, over the period of this year, I have actually toned up quite a bit all thanks to the awesome boxing and bootcamps in town that I head along to when I find the time and the encouraging words from the trainer on healthy living. So yes, I have been eyeing up togs for the summer. I am loving this brand, Solid and Striped. They have a fun and striking collection with lots to choose from.

Can we please just take a moment to appreciate these amazing Georgia Jay bags from Tessuti. The craftsmanship is insane and the style is classic and timeless with a touch of edginess to it.

Amy x

Home Tour X Tiny Dots X Papu Clothing

Im back! Our computer was couriered away to be fixed. Took over a month and low behold, they cant fix it. Its fair to say we rely on computers a lot. I struggled to get blog work and school work completed on my phone. I suppose it was good to have the break. Over that time, we've had school holidays, a big 5 year old birthday, Frankie starting school, myself starting a new job at her school, also and we had a magazine come and photograph our home last week. Its been all go and Im struggling to catch a breath. Life huh! Anywho, massive apologies for the lack of posting and communication. I will make it all up to you, and drop me a line if you are wanting to touch base with me. I am here and ready now!  

This house, situated in Sydneys Paddington suburb, catches my eye in so many different ways. However, the major selling point for me is the central garden courtyard and the huge bi fold doors that open out onto it. Each of the living areas open up onto this inner city courtyard garden. The fact that architects Aileen Sage have blocked out the hustle and bustle of the outside world to create this beautiful oasis is a massive thumbs up. City living at its best. 

I am a sucker for beautiful fabrics. Always have been. Having a daughter is a good excuse to stock up on pretty materials. I put them away with the intention of creating something one day. Usually Frankie finds them and ends up making blankets for her dolls.  Good looking blankets might I add.  I was stoked when I recently discovered the work of artist, Maggie Lam of Tiny Dots. Maggies designs contain timeless, classical patterns with a bit of whimsy in a range of gorgeous colours and all fair trade and ethically made.  Pop over and check out Tiny Dots here. 

I am loving Scandinavian kids clothing brand, Papu, now available in New Zealand from Scandinavian Clothing Co. Full of beautiful colours and quirky designs, Papu combines creativity, fun and functionality. And super comfortable might I add. That's a must for my children being the busy little bodies that they are. Frankie and Patch give this brand their tick! Scandinavian Clothing Co also stock some other very cool Scandi brands. Loving the fact that we don't miss out on these cutting edge designs. Happy shopping.

Amy x

Logan and Mason - Timeless and Classic

Recently, I was lucky to be given the opportunity, again, to style some gorgeous bedding from Logan and Mason. This time...