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Happy days to you all. Whats been happening in my world? Teaching that's what. I get home after a day at school and Frankie wants me to do some more learning with her. I try and talk her into having a play or chilling out and watching a bit of telly so I can catch my breath at least but she is that enthusiastic! Tired yes, but surprisingly these first few weeks of Frankies school life have gone well. I spent my day with Patch today as I don't work on Mondays so we hang. Although he would actually prefer to hit the farm with Dad. 

How is this for small home living? An absolutley beautiful home found thanks to Inside Out Australia, surrounded by eucalyptus and bottlebrush in heartland Victoria. Home owner Georgina elisted the help of Branch Studio Architects to match the impressive natural surroundings. See More of this home in Small House Living Australia, by Catherine Foster for Penguin Books.

One that has always been on my radar, Tathra Beach Designs, located on the Far South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Run by by local residents and Interior Designers, Linda Tarlinton & Stacey Leafe , the store presents carefully selected wares with a focus being small production Honestly, these guys... everything they stock I want... ALWAYS! Immaculate style and taste. Pop over to shop or check them out here on Instagram. 

The Brim Label kills it once again. Always such incredible attention to detail, this brand just keeps getting better, turning heads some would say. This season sees a gorgeous kids line added to the mix which I will definitely be purchasing. 

Happy days. 

Amy x

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