Midweek Mixup


First up for your hump day mix up, if you have followed Milo and Mitzy over the past year you will know that I am a big fan of Hector Rose Home. One of my favourite pieces of art in Patchys room is the coolest elephant print from here. Well, when I spotted these amazing woollen blankets, I was just as in love. I'm a massive sucker for a woollen blanket, particularly one sporting those super cute pompoms.

Secondly I wanted to talk a bit more about blogging as I have had lots of emails lately particularly after my last post where I touched on blogs and Milo and Mitzy in general. I hate to say it, but the blogging world is a competitive world. It has to be as there are so many blogs around these days. Fashion blogs, food blogs, Mum blogs.. you name it, hence the reason, to be recognised in your field you need to work your butt off.
I am pretty proud of where Milo and Mitzy, the blog, is at present. There are still so many things that I want to work on  and so many goals to achieve but right now, Milo and Mitzy is in a good space. Yes I am working on upping my other social media platforms but my main focus is the blog and I think that I am lucky to have an established blog to go along side of my other social media feeds.  Bloggers and people who run social media feeds are basically fighting for attention from businesses and such. We are all trying to prove that advertising with us is worth while. Basically that is what we are, online advertising, online magazines.
Somebody asked me about receiving free products and if all of my posts are because I have either been paid for it or have received something free? God No! I would never post anything if it didn't fit with my brand. After all, I am trying to create and keep up my brand appearance here also. I also spend many many hours researching. I find the content for the blog myself rather than just blogging about what gets emailed to me.
My advice to bloggers, and I have said this before, keep it super super professional and stay true to yourself and your brand. Don't just blog something because you received free products from the company. Blog it because you love the product/recipe etc. Reach out to companies you love and reach out to bloggers that you admirer. Its amazing how many people are willing to offer advice. Whether you take it or not is up to you.
Right, that's all about that. The reason behind the above images is because I love them and I cant do a midweek mix up with out some incredible interior inspiration. See the full hometour here.
Another New Zealand brand that has been on my radar from the get go, childrens merino clothing brand, Mamoo & Lou. Mamoo & Lou have just launched their new range which is looking better than ever.  The latest range  adventures into the mystical, wonderful world of playtime using natural fibres that pay homage to the magic of the outdoors. The bold patterns are designed for romping through lifes biggest (and littlest) adventures with style and ease. And on a side note, the cutest models!
Happy hump day.
Amy x


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