I somehow missed blogging the whole of last week. The week seemed to fly by between teaching and stuff that the kids had on. Hopefully I can make it up to you. I'm going to start off Monday with a look behind the scenes with one of my home favourite bloggers and who was also one of the first bloggers I ever started following. Let me introduce you to the very talented Si of FRENCHBYDESIGN blog. Si Launched FRENCHBYDESIGN in 2010 and since then has experienced rapid growth including top 5 interior design blog rankings. I managed to steal a bit of time from the busy lady herself. Thank you so much Si.

How have you been able to create and run a successful blog?
I think the blog resonates with my audience because I’m truly myself on my blog. I don’t try to be an online personality, vs. a real person. When you read my blog, it’s almost like if we were in the same room, sipping coffee and talking about life, interiors and family matters. I think authenticity is key, whether you talk about a wall color or raising teens or overcoming life challenges. I also try to avoid looking at what other bloggers post or do, because I don’t want to be a copycat or post the same thing everyone else does; I think too much ‘inspiration’ kills creativity. I also push myself to be a better blogger, through working on my original photography, learning to do videos or gifs, and constantly learning and challenging myself. 

What are your top 3 blogs to click on?

Although it’s not a blog, Pinterest is my number source of inspiration. So much goodness to click on!

I love Garance Doré because I like her authenticity and her natural sense of style. When you read her, you feel connected to her. 
I also really like Le dans La  by Aurelie Lécuyer, a French mom, blogger and photographer. Although she hasn’t been blogging much lately, favoring her Instagram feed. I like Aurelie’s unique signature style and breathtaking photography. I also recently had a chance to meet her in person then she visited San Francisco, and she’s exactly what she appears like online: soft, natural, authentic, and delicate. Truly, authenticity for me is key. In a world of social media where many depict the perfect online life, it’s refreshing to see, follow, and sometimes meet, real people. 

Thanks so much Si, you truly are inspirational to me and many others.

Amy x

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