My Kitchen

Jeepers the weeks seem to be going faster and faster. Maybe its an age thing. Anywho, not complaining. Cheers to the weekend.

Today on the blog I wanted to share a bit from my own kitchen. I have recently tiled my splash back using bevelled subway tiles from Tile Space. Well when I say I, I mean my clever non DIY husband. Replaced our old tap with the most amazing villa style crosshead taps from In Residence and added new bar stools from The Warehouse which we absolutely love. I can honestly say they are super comfortable and sturdy to sit on. I also finished off the space with a new Karlsson flip clock from Mildred & Co. Yes I know, bit late on the flip clock buzz. Not sure why I didn't do it sooner. Super wrapt with it, amazing quality and a big thumbs up from the husband which is always a bonus.

We have such a warm light kitchen space with killer views, big sliding windows and an outdoor bar on the other side. Im lucky to be able to say that I love my kitchen. Sure there are things that Id like to change eventually but for now, this is my happy space. Oh, mind you, I wouldn't say no if someone wanted to come and paint those tea coloured walls white though. Oh and I am on the hunt for an awesome kilim rug for my kitchen space to add in a bit of colour. And again, I am no photographer so excuse the images. Happy weekend.
Amy x

The Printable Studio and Belle + Beau

Recently I discovered a new online shop called The Printable Studio. Designer Roseanne is inspired by modern, fresh and minimal interiors with a Scandinavian feel. Roseanne started designing as a way to create artwork for her own walls, however this quickly grew. She now sells her prints as digital downloads through her Etsy store and whats even cooler is that she offers a free download on her website so that you can see what digital art is all about before you buy more... and trust me, you will buy more.

While we are on the topic of rad New Zealand businesses, I have always admired the work of Auckland based, sustainable clothing brand, Belle + Beau. Their clothing is effortless and timeless.  You cannot beat great basics. I am loving their new campaign for their winter range shot by photographer Jono Parker. There is so much that I want from this latest line.

And lastly, on another note, I realise social media is taking over. Instagram, snapchat and such, and don't get me wrong, we love those media platforms, but I wanted to keep Milo and Mitzy in full swing. This blog was my number one from the get go. I have very very much enjoyed watching my reader stats grow over time, I feel proud of the blog, hence the reason I will continue to work as hard as I can to make this online journal an inspiring place for you all to visit. If you have any suggestions, please do drop me an email.
Amy x

Hump day Mix

Right first things first. While I am not really looking forward to winter, winter fashion is tops this year. And as always, I am loving Juliette Hogans newest line. That shirt dress and that navy coat have my name written all over them.

Next up, I couldn't do a mix up post without some amazing interior image could I? This one was found via a favourite site of mine, My Paradissi. That window seat is exactly what is needed for a kid less day with good books, good tea and good wine to finish off the day.

And if you have followed Milo and Mitzy for a while now, you will know that I love to cook although time doesn't allow much of it these days. I relish an amazing hard cover cookbook too. I remember one of my first cookbooks the husband ever brought me, I read it over and over and declared that I was going to write a letter to the author telling her how inspired I was... I never did! This selection of cook books are from the gorgeous Mildred & Co. They're on point when it when it comes to hard cover books.
Happy hump day.
Amy x

Home tour meets Mavis & Osborn meets WRW & Co

Welcome back after a long weekend here for us in New Zealand. That non DIY husband of mine that I sometimes mention did some DIY for me. Stoked. I promise to share pictures soon. All in good time. I have a sick sleeping babes today so I best be quick before he wakes and turns into a needy ball of cuteness!

My oh my I have been in awe over on the Australian Interior Design awards website. So much goodness. I actually think you Aussies are nailing it in terms of design currently. There is so much that I want to share with you but for today I have picked out this amazing home tour above by Arent&Pyke and photographed by the clever Felix Forest. This transformed bungalow oozes charm and elegance and anyone in their right mind can see why they shortlisted on the Australian Interior Design awards for residential decoration.

I know we are heading into winter soon but you can still picnic in winter right? I do! I am all over this amazing picnic rug from the clever people at Mavis & Osborn In fact I am all over everything they do. If you don't know them, you should. One talented NZ business right there.

And lastly, I am about to share with you the maker behind my dream dining room table. (I need to get hinting to the husband about this) Anywho, William Worsp, the designer, creator and master maker behind WRW & Co is pulling out all of the stops at present. I love seeing his work popping up around the country in various restaurants and such. I also love his story and the fact that he is back to his roots, doing what he loves in his home town of Raglan.
Happy Tuesday.

New Tapware

I have been on the hunt for new kitchen tapware for several weeks now. Im pretty particular. Although I like modern, my true love lies in old beauty. I was over the moon when I found a modern tap that incorporated a touch of antique style from New Zealands In Residence.
I chose the Perrin and Rowe Minoan which complemented my style. The old style crosshead white porcelain tap heads were exactly what I was after.
In Residence were fantastic to deal with. The tap was packaged up beautifully and super easy to install.
Amy x

Villa Palmier

Morning to you all. And a huge hello to all of my new readers. It exciting to see more and more people stopping by the blog on a daily basis! If I only could keep up with huh? But do keep those emails coming in. I love seeing whats new out there and sometimes you save me the job of looking. Always a bonus saving time!

I recently featured a picture of this St Barts villa, Villa Palmier on Milo and Mitzys facebook page but it is simply too amazing not to share the whole property which I found thanks to Dust Jacket Attic.

Owner Kate Holstein is an amazing photographer and a must follow on instagram. She is the clever lady behind images. The goal for this house for Kate and her husband Matt was to bring the pristine outdoors, in. And I mean really, why wouldn't you?

Amy x

Frankie wears - Mini Made

Patchy decided he wanted in on this weeks Frankie wears. Todays feature is something a little different, a bit more playful. This parcel from Mini Made was definitely a winner in our household. New Zealands gorgeous online store Mini Made is full of the coolest handmade items based around imaginary and creative play for the little ones.

Above my little fox and panda bear wear the disguise masks made from a soft felt and of awesome quality. Even Patch hasn't been able to break his!

And this is my master chef Frankie wearing the cutest little market apron. Such cool gifts. The kids didn't want to take them off! Be sure to pop over to Mini Made to check out all of their gorgeous goodies.
Amy x

Monday Mix Up

I think I have been hanging onto the last of summer by a thread. As much as I do enjoy lighting the fire in the cooler evenings, I really am a summer girl. Hence the reason I am still pinning and saving images of homes with amazing indoor/outdoor living, like this one above. This home has been designed so that the outdoor rooms add more space and living areas to the home. So many choices as to where you might sit and have an evening drink! Ideal really.

And secondly, I am a huge shoe girl! Shoes make an outfit. Ain't that is the truth?! Although these days I don't get much time to get out shoe shopping and also I seem to spend most of my money on the kids or our home. However recently, I have seriously been eyeing up New Zealands La Tribe. The epiphany of cool.
And lastly, Im digging this mens edit from my favourite, Father Rabbit.
Amy x

Friday Round Up

A couple of things for you on this magical autumn morning. First up I have been admiring the work of this Brunswick kitchen design company, Cantilever Interiors for some time now. What strikes me about their work is the use of wood and the mix of materials.

Image thanks to Stylizimo
Next up, I have been hunting for a belly basket for quite some time. Its fair to say that I did my research. I found Miss Molly Coddle had the best prices around and can I tell you, I absolutely love my two new belly baskets in both medium and large. Surprisingly they hold a heck of a lot! If you are hunting around for one, I suggest you give Miss Molly Coddle a visit and check out all of their other gorgeous goodies while there.
And lastly, I am super excited about this one.  Milo and Mitzy have teamed up with Opera Kitchen​ to bring you an amazing event here in Hawkes Bay, Sunday with Milo and Mitzy and Opera Kitchen. Sunday 22nd May 2pm -5pm @ Opera Kitchen and Parlour Projects Gallery behind Opera Kitchen. Claudia Zinzan of Father Rabbit Limited will talk to us about her business and running a successful business, She will also be bringing some amazing Father Rabbit wares for you to purchase along with 5 other incredible stall holders. Ottoloom​ Homebase Collections​ MEKKA​ Goblin Babywear​ and Nikki Gabriel Knits.
Purchase your ticket by emailing or in store at any of the eatdrinksharehb​ eateries. Limited tickets availiable so be sure not to miss. See you there.

Amy x

Logan and Mason - Timeless and Classic

Recently, I was lucky to be given the opportunity, again, to style some gorgeous bedding from Logan and Mason. This time...