Monday Mix Up

I think I have been hanging onto the last of summer by a thread. As much as I do enjoy lighting the fire in the cooler evenings, I really am a summer girl. Hence the reason I am still pinning and saving images of homes with amazing indoor/outdoor living, like this one above. This home has been designed so that the outdoor rooms add more space and living areas to the home. So many choices as to where you might sit and have an evening drink! Ideal really.

And secondly, I am a huge shoe girl! Shoes make an outfit. Ain't that is the truth?! Although these days I don't get much time to get out shoe shopping and also I seem to spend most of my money on the kids or our home. However recently, I have seriously been eyeing up New Zealands La Tribe. The epiphany of cool.
And lastly, Im digging this mens edit from my favourite, Father Rabbit.
Amy x

Framefox Gallery Walls

I have said it before and I will say it again, professionally framed art makes a room, without a doubt. Ive wasted copius amounts of money ...