Home tour meets Mavis & Osborn meets WRW & Co

Welcome back after a long weekend here for us in New Zealand. That non DIY husband of mine that I sometimes mention did some DIY for me. Stoked. I promise to share pictures soon. All in good time. I have a sick sleeping babes today so I best be quick before he wakes and turns into a needy ball of cuteness!

My oh my I have been in awe over on the Australian Interior Design awards website. So much goodness. I actually think you Aussies are nailing it in terms of design currently. There is so much that I want to share with you but for today I have picked out this amazing home tour above by Arent&Pyke and photographed by the clever Felix Forest. This transformed bungalow oozes charm and elegance and anyone in their right mind can see why they shortlisted on the Australian Interior Design awards for residential decoration.

I know we are heading into winter soon but you can still picnic in winter right? I do! I am all over this amazing picnic rug from the clever people at Mavis & Osborn In fact I am all over everything they do. If you don't know them, you should. One talented NZ business right there.

And lastly, I am about to share with you the maker behind my dream dining room table. (I need to get hinting to the husband about this) Anywho, William Worsp, the designer, creator and master maker behind WRW & Co is pulling out all of the stops at present. I love seeing his work popping up around the country in various restaurants and such. I also love his story and the fact that he is back to his roots, doing what he loves in his home town of Raglan.
Happy Tuesday.

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