St Clements

I have been wanting to share this brand with you for a while now. It has my name written all over and I am predicting big things for this design trio. Below I share an interview with you from Jonathon, one of the talented siblings who make up New Zealands, St Clements.

Tell us about St Clements, when and why did it begin?

St Clements is a furniture and lifestyle store in Eden Terrace, Auckand. Owners and siblings Tia, Cameron and Jonathon Logan established the store February 2015, so it's pretty new. All of us work in creative fields with myself, Jonathon, a furniture designer. We have imported Sydney brand MCM House as we feel it has a look that translates well to the NZ way of living.

Where do you look for for inspiration? Books, people, websites, blogs?

Inspiration is pretty easy in the sharing age of social media, but it's a good idea to not be too current by looking at the old TV, books, music, life in general and of course nature.

What's happening in the future for St Clements?

We have designed some locally made products that will be different but compliment the current offering.

Thanks so much for letting us in on behind the scenes of New Zealand's new up and coming brand. Definitely one to watch I am predicting.

Amy x

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