Erin Simpson of TV ONE's new Kiwi Living Show

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Erin Simpson, one of the presenters on TV ONES new lifestyle series, Kiwi Living Show.

Tell us about your new project Kiwi Living. (Kiwi Living starts Friday 7.30pm on TV ONE) What will your role on the show be?

Kiwi Living is a fun mix of lifestyle and entertainment television, bringing viewers the best of New Zealand’s food, travel, living spaces, health and well-being, fashion and gardening. We have a great team of presenters on board showcasing their passion and expertise in all the above areas and I’m looking after the Living Spaces segment.
I'm on board as everyone's project guider.  We find New Zealanders who deserve one of their rooms to be made over and we get in there and do it. I don't pretend to be an expert, by any means, I simply ask questions in order to have an understanding of what they would love to see happen and then I simply help to make that happen. I love doing this, as it gives me a chance to suggest some of the amazing things I have come across in my own design career. 

Each episode we rotate. One week it will be a makeover, the next will be in my workshop showing people how to start something new – giving them inspiration or ideas for a project they can easy take on themselves over the weekend.  My favourite one so far has been transforming a plain, spare bedroom into an adorable, loving little nursery, just in time for the families’ first child
Tell us about your background. 

A dairy farmer’s daughter hailing from Te Kauwhata; Waikato, I spent my years studying and performing to gain a Bachelor in Musical Theatre and a BA in Opera Performance.  I then got busy auditioning my way into shows such as Jesus Christ Super Star, Beauty and the Beast before walking in the doors of TV2’s What Now to ask for a part time job that actually ended up in being my happy place and I soon found myself being accepted for many various TV roles.  These roles have continued to get bigger and better!  Two years What Now, then two years co-hosting Sticky TV eventually leading to my biggest challenge, The Erin Simpson Show.  Every weekday for five years, the series delivered an afternoon stuffed with surprises and laughs, while I chatted to some of the world’s biggest stars from music, TV sports and the arts.

2014 saw me taking on new challenges while I set about sinking my teeth into my other passion - art! As a result my work can be seen and bought on my website and for sale in various stores and galleries around the country. #blessed

What inspires you right now in terms of design?

Just knowing that design is not scary!!!  All you have to do is give it a try. For example, place different things together, layer lines, colours, textures and fabrics, mix them all together. The hardest thing is motivating yourself to get started!

There is so much talent hidden in this country and if my work (of any nature) inspires someone else to get out there and give something ago then we are doing something right.

What websites are you currently frequenting?

In your current city.. .

The best coffee

I'm a large take-away hot chocolate  drinker and anyone who's willing to burn the milk and make mine about 90 degrees is a winner in my books. Lots of caf├ęs won't do it so to be honest I prefer a classic bakery like Raspberry Tarts on Parnell Hill.

The best restaurant

Club68 - they make an amazing Beef Stroganoff, Beef Stew and Kale Veggie Salad

The best clothing store

Ilabb, Mons Royale, Federation and Trelise Cooper!

A must do for visitors? 

Go and watch the Auckland Blues train!!  They are getting a brand new complex and training centre soon so we won’t be able to do it for much longer!!  It’s a bit of a secret but currently you can pull up right next to their field and quietly watch them all in action

Tell us about your own home/style. 

Very much a minimalist!  I have so much going on in my brain that too much physical stuff is simply too overwhelming. 
We have clean walls but have one of my designs printed as a massive grafix wall art piece in the kitchen which is an amazing feature (we have recently joined forces and they sell them).

I’m a kitchen and lounge sort of girl!  We have a massive round table in our house and I would be the first to comment that it is similar to that of a watering hole! We have solved many a problem at the round table and we have cemented many a friendship at that round table so with that in mind that table would be the most precious and valuable thing I own.

It’s very much a house where people add the colour and the personality, they know they are always welcome due to our open door policy and as a result they come in droves and I am never alone.  My life is very very full and I and very very blessed.

Thank you so much for your time Erin, I look forward to watching Kiwi Living starting Friday 7.30pm on TV ONE.

Amy x

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