Hale Mercantile Co.

By now, I am sure that you are all aware of my love for beautiful quality bedding. I love nothing more than to update the look of my bedroom by mixing up my linen.  Hence the reason I am excited to introduce you to new Melbourne based company, Hale Mercantile Co.
 It is with great pride that Hale Mercantile Co. manufacture a true European linen range lavished in culture, tradition and centuries of craftsmanship.  Designed to be relaxed in nature and truly easy care, the entire range is grown, spun, dyed, woven and sewn in Europe.  Each piece is pre-washed and beautifully softened to offer a relaxed textural appeal.  Their three ranges; Kristine, Flocca and Basix are designed to blend seamlessly together allowing you to mix and match and create your own linen haven.
That mustard yellow adds just the right amount of pop to the muted tones that Hale Mercantile Co. use in their range. A prefect range for layering.

 And not only do Hale Mercantile make the most exquisite bed linen as seen here, they offer a beautiful range of bathroom and kitchen table textiles also. I cant wait to get my hands on one of their crushed throws. Divine.
Happy Wednesday.
Amy x 

Kitchen makeover

After of no computer and the first week back at school teaching, I am back. Just a quick post this morning but maybe more to come later on this afternoon.

This morning I am just pointing you in the direction of Remodelista. You must check out this gorgeous kitchen. Who said that rugs don't belong on kitchen floors? I think it is perfect! And those ginormous light bulbs over the kitchen island. They are amazing! We have lights that fit into our ceiling unfortunately but if we didn't, this look would be high on my wish list. Country meets industrial... I like!

Amy x

MintSix madness

Quick post today as the school holidays are over and I am back in the classroom teaching, so time is precious.  I know this brand needs no introduction as I have mentioned them on here often. They are one seriously cool company. MintSix is who I am talking about, run by sisters Talia and Vic in the deep south of New Zealand.

Anywho, I dont find enough time these days to read blogs, hence the reason I havent been onto the MintSix blog for a while. However, when I did find the time to browse blogs over the weekend, I spent a long time checking out the MintSix site. Those girls know style. Here is just a wee snippet of the awesomeness. Head over here to check it all out for yourself and while you are at it, pop by their amazing online store too.

Amy x

Friday - my home and beyond.

Do you have instagram account? I am fairly new to the whole instagram thing but I must admit... Hi I am Amy and I am addicted to instagram! 

A few snaps taken from around my home and regrams from other fave instagram feeds of mine. Head over and follow Milo and Mitzy for your behind the scenes fix. And drop me a line with your instagram account too. I love finding new people to follow. 

While we are on the subject of homes, a new fave blog of mine - My Unfinished Home. Love it. A few snaps that float my boat below as seen on My Unfinished Home.

Happy weekend everyone. New blankets have arrived, but sorry all sold out. Will be getting another shipment which will be my last of the Circle Grid Blankets so do place your pre-orders to ensure you dont miss out.

Amy x

Book shelves

I am mad about these wall displays from the home of fashion blogger REBECCA CENTRÉN as seen on Cherry Blossom Blog.

I am also a big fan of hard cover coffee table books. I swoon over the pages of some of these books for hours. A few of my faves below from the gorgeous Tessuti and fun filled Collected.

Am definitely looking forward to the second New Zealand Interior Style by LeeAnn Yare and Larnie Nicolson. What are you favorites? I would love to hear.

Amy x

Home Tour and other goodness

Loving loving loving this small apartment as found on Fantastic Frank on Sunday. Jeepers it is neat!

That bedroom, the couch, those coffee tables, the subway tiles in that rad ktichen. Love it all. Actually I'll tell you showing us how to do fantastic kitchen subway tiles at the moment. One of my favorite bloggers, Katrina of Love and Ginger. Have you checked out her home build? Pop over and get ready to laugh and be inspired. One cool, funny and talented lady!

Speaking of coffee tables. I ummed and ahh-ed about sharing this one with you. Wanted to keep this little beauty all to myself as it is soooo good, but that would be completly selfish of me, Mocka, dear Mocka, always doing right, Mocka!!!! Yes Mocka, they have just brought out the coolest set of coffee tables and even better, the price point! Seriously, you need to head over and check them out for yourself.

That is all.

Amy x

Little Co

Right, so I am set. Ready to kick off the week with a bang. Feeling organised. Washing all done, meals planned and prepped and Im feeling energised to make this week a goodie. Working my butt off to get the blog back in the game so that I dont slip behind once I start teaching again next week. Feeling good. 
Also feel good when I receive mail. No I dont mean mail via my inbox, I mean actual snail mail. LOVE IT! So was jumping for joy when a sweet wee parcel arrived in my mail box a week a go. Who or what was in it? Betty and Nigel, that is who. These rad people came all the way from the lovely Nikki at New Zealands, Little Co. They are in fact part of the awesome growing family that is Naked Lunge. Naked Lunge just keep getting better and better, and you know what, I already want more.

1 2
So although these sit proudly in my wee Patches room, I dont believe that they are just for the kids. Us big kids can enjoy these guys too. For sure. Pop over and check them out here. 

Speaking of Little Co, have you spotted the Little Ward shelves designed by the talented Janice Kumar-Ward. I dont know about you guys but we are massive book readers here in our household (actually I tell a lie, the kids are massive book readers, me... addicted to magazines actucally but thats another story) so a good looking shelving system is high on my wish list.

One last thing, I couldnt resist adding a few more of my favourite things from Little Co. These make fantsastic gifts and if your terrible at getting things into the post like me, order online and get it sent straight out to who ever you are gifting to. Perfect.

Happy Monday and be sure to visit me on instagram for the latest behind the scenes.

Amy x

Home Tour

Life is short sometimes. I realised that this week when our friends and community were hit with some sad news. Makes you think about how important it is to tell those close to you that they are special, that you are there for them and that you love them. We live in such a whirl wind of a world these days, that sometime we forget that it is the small things that count. Its easy to get wrapped up in your own world. 

I am trying juggle family life and work life which is a challenge. A challenge that I enjoy but one that is hard at times. I feel as though I have been neglecting the blog lately which really is such a passion of mine and neglect is the last thing that I want. I know that you have heard me say this before, but I will work my butt off to get on top of the blog and work hard to keep up dating it regularly.

Right after that deep piece of writing, onto something a bit more brighter. This gorgeous home is part of UK based company, Light Locations. Light Locations provide beautiful inspiring lifestyle locations for the photographic, film and TV industries. This home above is only one of many amazing locations. Check here for more. To acheive a similar look start by adding products to your home such as these below.

Dont be afraid to change your kitchen cabinetry to a darker shade. These images above prove just how effective this can be. And lastly if you are lucky enough to have brick somewhere in your home, how cool do they look painted white?

Amy x

Swell Cafe style

Wexlers Deli

Those who know, know that I love food. Love cooking it, love eating it. (work hard not to let that second bit get too outta control!) I love nothing more than going out for lunch to a rad little cafe. My hubby thinks its weird that I could sit for hours by myself in a cafe, people watching and feel relaxed! Stepping into cafes these days, jeepers there some goodies. Its not like the old days where you went to the local and the decor consisted of fruit curtains and red gingham table cloths. Yuck! Nope, these cafes are seriously cool! 

Hams & Bacon

Hallys Parsons Green
Us at home, we could learn a thing or two from cafe owners. they know their stuff when it comes to interiors. I strive to have my kitchen looking good at the best of times. Boy would I love it to look half as good as some of these cafe interiors. 

Seriously amazing cafes out there. And actually speaking of amazing cafes, I really should get out in my own neighborhood and snap some images of the cafes situated in my hometown. Hawkes Bay, (my home) we are super lucky in that we have so many great options for all of you foodies out there. 

To achieve the cafe style look in your own home, mix and match some cool looking chairs, add some wooden crates stacked with gourmet drink and wine and get those industrial pendant lights hung up and you are on your way to a pretty sweet looking kitchen.

Amy x

Logan and Mason - Timeless and Classic

Recently, I was lucky to be given the opportunity, again, to style some gorgeous bedding from Logan and Mason. This time...