Little Co

Right, so I am set. Ready to kick off the week with a bang. Feeling organised. Washing all done, meals planned and prepped and Im feeling energised to make this week a goodie. Working my butt off to get the blog back in the game so that I dont slip behind once I start teaching again next week. Feeling good. 
Also feel good when I receive mail. No I dont mean mail via my inbox, I mean actual snail mail. LOVE IT! So was jumping for joy when a sweet wee parcel arrived in my mail box a week a go. Who or what was in it? Betty and Nigel, that is who. These rad people came all the way from the lovely Nikki at New Zealands, Little Co. They are in fact part of the awesome growing family that is Naked Lunge. Naked Lunge just keep getting better and better, and you know what, I already want more.

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So although these sit proudly in my wee Patches room, I dont believe that they are just for the kids. Us big kids can enjoy these guys too. For sure. Pop over and check them out here. 

Speaking of Little Co, have you spotted the Little Ward shelves designed by the talented Janice Kumar-Ward. I dont know about you guys but we are massive book readers here in our household (actually I tell a lie, the kids are massive book readers, me... addicted to magazines actucally but thats another story) so a good looking shelving system is high on my wish list.

One last thing, I couldnt resist adding a few more of my favourite things from Little Co. These make fantsastic gifts and if your terrible at getting things into the post like me, order online and get it sent straight out to who ever you are gifting to. Perfect.

Happy Monday and be sure to visit me on instagram for the latest behind the scenes.

Amy x

Annabell Kutucu

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