Thursday, July 17, 2014

Friday - my home and beyond.

Do you have instagram account? I am fairly new to the whole instagram thing but I must admit... Hi I am Amy and I am addicted to instagram! 

A few snaps taken from around my home and regrams from other fave instagram feeds of mine. Head over and follow Milo and Mitzy for your behind the scenes fix. And drop me a line with your instagram account too. I love finding new people to follow. 

While we are on the subject of homes, a new fave blog of mine - My Unfinished Home. Love it. A few snaps that float my boat below as seen on My Unfinished Home.

Happy weekend everyone. New blankets have arrived, but sorry all sold out. Will be getting another shipment which will be my last of the Circle Grid Blankets so do place your pre-orders to ensure you dont miss out.

Amy x

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  1. hah!!!

    This is so funny... I wrote about this as well today.
    Yesterday I bought a new phone, since my last one had a broken camera for over a year. And I ran to instagram, researching feeds and couldn't go to sleep - could't put my phone down. lol.


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