Marz Designs

I am pretty dam obsessed with these lights right now. I mean why wouldn’t I be right? Look at them! Amaze! So amaze I have been hunting them down for a while in fact. I NEED ONE IN MY LIFE! The creative brain and driving force behind these beauties, Sydney based, Coco Reynolds of Marz Designs. Coco worked closely with local wood turners to create the beads which form the basis of the pendant lights.

I also did a wee bit of sneaky research on how to construct your own wooden beaded light because I mean it’s a compliment to be copied right? With some large wooden beads, a good electrician and a hanging light you are onto a winner. I would be popping one of these large Father Rabbit bulbs in place of your standard bulb if it was me. 

Happy Monday to you all and do get in touch if there is anything you would like me to check out.

Amy x

Images via Marz Designs and The Design Files

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