Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Anders Johansson home

Not many words for you today. Feeling a little under the weather. Coming up to 27 weeks in my pregnancy, finishing off my last ever university paper and running around after my energetic 9 month old Frankie, life is getting busy. Think I will stop by the fruit and vege store and pick up some hearty greens and some juicy oranges and kiwi fruit. Need to get back on the juice/smoothie making buzz I am thinking. 

Love this home spotted here at Anders Johansson.Gorgeous mix of country with a dash of industrial. So many more images to see of this amazing home so pop here to take a look. 

Amy x


  1. What a cool home. It's really interesting with the rooms under the eaves, tricky to work with the sloping ceilings, but it looks fantastic.

    Hope you're feeling better today. The sun is out :) x

  2. Courage,
    I remember it seems like an eternity at the end.
    Love the article, thanks for sharing

  3. Cool and relaxing. Fantastics kitchen and bedroom.

  4. I love that mirror too, and take care of yourself, we will still live your blog if you need a little rest for a few days.


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