Izzy and Jean Co

Much to my bank accounts disgrace I am a massive fan of online shopping. So easy, so convenient and so much style and inspiration all at your finger tips therefore you can imagine my delight when I discovered new online store Izzy and Jean Co. Owner Claire, took the leap to fulfill her dream of running an online  business from home. Understanding that many online stores here in New Zealand support local designers, Claire wanted to look further afield and bring in those unique products that aren't readily available here in our own country.

Claires weakness for colour shows through the products that she has carefully selected for Izzy and Jean Co. Claires style as she describes, is a mix  of simple, old or classic and also things that are bold and different. Again this is evident in her thoughtful yet clever selection of products that line the shelves at Izzy and Jean Co.

Being a real sucker for blankets and throws especially considering the weather we are having here at the moment, my favourite would have to be the Broardstripe Wool Throw. That being said, I do want them all. Better do some sneaky, hide it from the hubby type shopping I am thinking! 

Head over and visit Claire at Izzy and Jean Co, make a purchase and quote the discount code 'M&M0713' at the check out to receive free postage on all orders for the month of July available to New Zealand residents only.

Amy x


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