Monday, February 18, 2013

Small apartment living

Off to teach ten year olds this morning. Lets hope baby brain doesn't play too much of a roll in the class room. I swear I am getting dumber! I wanted to show you this rad little white home that I found while reading through the pages of Lili Halo Decoration.

Not a lot has been said about this home but what caught my eye are the industrial lights, the whitewashed floors and the wooden bench tops. All materials that mix well together when done right. You can find similar lights over here.

I am not sure how practical this home would be with children running around. Perhaps that is the beauty of the wooden floors. Easy to clean. Speaking of cleaning, I have been scanning through all of the helpful reads posted on Homelife giving handy tips on cleaning and organising.Do check it out.

One more day until hump day! I like.

Amy x

All images via here


  1. What a beautiful home. Even with the chaos that kids can bring, the white colour palette is so calming. Hope the teaching goes well, my big girl is 10 and I'm sure she'd love to have you as her teacher! x

  2. This home is simply inspirational! I love a black and white apartment with wooden floors and some black and white artworks. Hopefully, I can recreate a look that's more like this at my Madison rentals.


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