Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blog Love - MintSix

Happy Monday and what a happy one it is too. Sitting down this morning with a cuppa, as I usually do to read all of the really popular  blogs of the world wide web. You know, the ones that every body reads, the ones that everyone else looks to for inspiration. So whilst scanning the pages of Desire to Inspires blog favourites of late, there I was, little old Milo and Mitzy from New Zealand. Such an honor to be included as a blog favourite by the big guns. Pop over and check it out here.

Right now that I have contained my excitement, I wanted to introduce you today to a new New Zealand blog that I have been following as of late. MintSix is a boutique home wears and styling business created by two sisters captivated by discovering treasures from around the globe.

Now living in the same city they, Talia and Ella have finally decided to start their long awaited business. Their blog is used to showcase the latest products at MintSix. They also give you ideas on how to use and display their products.

What captured my attention was their style, a little bit industrial, a little bit colourful a tiny bit of vintage and a lot of flare. And I also love the mood boards that they create.(I really need to get onto getting Photoshop installed)Do pop over and check it out.

Do pop over and like the Milo and Mitzy Facebook and Pinterest pages for even more inspiration.

Happy Monday. 

Amy x

Images via MintSix


  1. Oh wow, that was my guest post on Desire to Inspire! Awesome! Great to see Cush & Nooks on there as well x

  2. Go Desire to Inspire, that's so cool. Thanks for the intro to MintSix. I'll have a good look at their blog tonight, looks fab! x

  3. Thanks for the shout out Amy!! We really appreciate that you have taken the time to spread the word about MintSix. Cheers! x

  4. Oh thanks for the intro to this one Amy! Looks like my cup of tea for sure :)

    Abbey x

  5. Well done on the feature! Lovely to be picked up by a biggie, sometimes us littlies can feel invisible. Love your work


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