Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Yellow in the home

Yellow in the home, what do you think? Yes or no? Me, I say yes. I am not sure whether I say yes because yellow is a bit of a fad at the moment and I am simply following a trend or if I say yes because I truly do love it. What I do know, is that I do love a touch of yellow in the home right now, at this very minute!

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Amy x


  1. Yellow has been my favourite colour since childhood, so it's nice to see how popular it's become! Great pics, love Moa x

  2. I love yellow always..... It is happiness in the form of color! It works so well with all the grey tones in these rooms. Hope you are enjoying motherhood and getting some rest. Yels x

  3. I love it, such a warm, happy colour. You only need bursts of it to make an impact. x


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