Guest Post from the stylish Michelle over at The Design Chaser

When Amy approached me with the idea of guest blogging for each other, I jumped at the chance. Not only do I get to meet some lovely new readers, my readers get to experience the work of another blogger, who as you know, has exquisite taste and an eye for all things gorgeous! 

A bit about me: my name's Michelle and most days you'll find me over at The Design Chaser, where I write about great design from NZ and around the world. I'm crazy about interiors, design and all things Scandinavian. When I'm not blogging or hanging out with my husband and two young boys, you'll find me at the gym.... or on Pinterest! Oh, and we're just about to embark on our first new build, so exciting times are ahead!  

Today I've chosen to share with you one of my favourite Swedish photographers Per Gunnarsson, who since  2010 has resided in Oslo, Norway. His interiors portfolio is quite simply amazing and I warn you now, if you head over to have a look after you've read this (and you'll want to) you'll be there for a while! Per's editorial work has appeared in many beautiful home magazines such as Sköna hem, Interiørmagasinet, Vt Wohnen and Hus & Hem. He also regularly works for clients such as IKEA, HÅG and Willa Nordic.

I love how Per's photos radiate light and energy. I chose these stunning Scandinavian interiors because of their soft, muted colours which include monochrome, grey and touches of pink. I also included a couple of close-up shots, to show how talented Per is at bringing attention to the smaller details. 

To see more of Per's impressive portfolio, pop over here.
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