Robson Rak X Saben @ Tea Pea X Copenhagen Bistro

Not too much to say today. Monday spent getting ready for the week of teaching, styling and writing jobs, a new 8 week bootcamp and another school visit for Frankie. I had the opportunity to talk at an event over the weekend and got to style a boys room. Was a cool experience and something I may look at doing more of. 

Yet again, Robson Rak Architects nail it with their skills. Another incredible home that they have produced. And can we just take a quick moment to appreciate that kitchen island! Lordy shes a beaut!

Saben know a good clutch. If anyone does, these guys do. Ive got a green crush going on at present. That green has my name all over it. These along with others avaliable from Tea Pea Store. 

How cool is this Copehagen bistro and coffee shop, Les Trois Cochons? Furniture, walls, floor, you name it, they got it! I think I have a thing for green at the moment. Images by Chris Tommesen. 

Happy Monday.

Amy x

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