Audrey Fitzjohn X Caroline Walls X NZ House & Garden

I dont know where time has gone lately. I think its true, the older you get, the shorter the years. Can you believe it is nearly spring. I am really ready for some sunshine. One downfall of rural living is the amount of mud and dust and the washing that comes along side of it. I think Patch goes through about 4 changes of clothing each day. Such a dream for someone who is not great at keeping up with washing!

Exciting news, Milo and Mitzy has been nominated for the Amara International Design blog awards. Im stoked and thankful to whomever did nominate me. Id be super grateful if you could pop over and flick me a quick vote by clicking here

Lately, I have been so inspired by the work of French born, kiwi living Audrey Fitzjohn. Her style is immaculate and her photography is beautiful. Not to mention her incredible house. That bedroom. Such a dream. And she can sew, knit and lately has put her hand towards pottery. 

Crushing on Caroline Walls art right now which was introduced to me by a friend who told me not to post about it as she wanted to keep this amazing artist all to herself. Be rude not to share it right? Sorry friend :) Beautiful paintings and nude drawings and so reasonably priced. 

Its that time again when another beautiful edition of New Zealand House & Garden magazine is out. I was stoked to see the beautiful familiy holiday home in Greece of English born, New Zealand living photographer, Georgina Skinner whos work I have long admired. Georginas family were capitivated by the Greek lifestyle and 3 years embarked on buliding a contemporary traditional Greek holiday home. 

Being so far away when the build took place was challenging for Georgina but they couldnt be happier with the results. Sitting out on the main bedroom balcony looking over the Albian Mountains is a favourite past time for Georgina and her family. There is no trouble slipping into island life and holiday mode in this beautiful setting.

Amy x

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