Newton Espresso X Dave Strachan Architects

Happy Monday. Kicking off the new week I am so stoked to be able to introduce you to the team behind the Newton Espresso, the espresso maker that is environmentially friendly and cost effective at the smae time. And how good is that design? Its no wonder that they are finalists in the Best Awards for ‘Designed Product’ and ‘Colour’ Categories.

Why and how did Newton Espresso begin?

The Newton began when Hawkes Bay designer, Hayden Maunsell, wanted an espresso maker that would lower the environmental and physical cost of his own coffee making process without compromising on design.  After searching the market without success he put pen to paper and the Newton began to evolve.  He took the idea to workmate and craftsman Alan Neilson who worked through the prototype stages till they had what is here today. A simple, clean, lever press espresso maker with style and functionality at its heart. With the prototype stages over, the Newton Espresso team expanded to 4 with Alan’s son Josh and his fiancee Steph stepping in to run the day to day business and marketing.  Josh and Steph are professional photographers and videographers based in the Bay of Plenty. This allows Alan and Hayden to focus on the design and build process and developing new products for the future of Newton

How do you like your coffee? Describe the prefect brew to us?

The perfect brew is different for everyone.  All styles produce different tastes. Plunger, espresso, pour over… We don’t think there is such a thing as the perfect brew but there are some fundamentals in creating the perfect base for a delicious coffee.  The Newton can produce up to 120psi or 8-9 bar pressure which is what's needed to create an espresso shot.  We like our long blacks with a dash of cold milk, so when you have the shot just add a bit of boiling water and some milk and voila! Yum! 

What inspired you when designing the Newton Espresso?

When designing the Newton, Hayden researched the current market in the lever press espresso makers and rather than take inspiration from that he took the fundamental piston action and designed a new minimalistic body around that.  He wanted something that would stand out but also slip nicely into any kitchen no matter the style or size.

What instagram feeds/websites/and magazines do you enjoy reading when you have time?

We are an eclectic bunch but all seem to enjoy a lot of the same designs. Because of that we can happily sit and read through the same magazines which also helps inspire our development. The ones on the top of our pile today are Urbis Magazine, HOME and Homestyle Magazine (with our first print feature!!) We are also often found flicking emails back and forth to each other from websites like Design Boom and Kickstarter with new things we love or ideas for the future.  Instagram is an amazing tool to keep up to date with the current markets but also a great way to share our story. We love the image rich format and love to share our pictures there too! Its hard to not feel like a small fish in a huge sea but we are stoked to see the feedback from our followers!

What Next for Newton?

We have worked hard to get the Newton ready for the world to enjoy and have a planned release for the end of September 2017.  We have planned this to coincide with its entry into the Best Awards in Auckland which its currently getting judged for.  The Best awards is an annual showcase of excellence in Design and we are entered in ‘Product’ and ‘Colour’ categories. for this.  Our release will be on Kickstarter and will run into October.  If you subscribe to our mailing list here you will have access to the early bird discount available to our subscribers.

This very cool Mt Eden home is designed by owner, Architect,  Dave Strachan who lives there with his wife Colleen and daughter Thea. Dave has designed his robust home so cleverly that it almost blocks out the entire Mt Eden hustle and bustle that lives beyond their gate. 

Who would have thought that this was mid city?

Article by Home Magazine Photography by Simon Devitt.

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Cotton & Clay X Holiday Cabin X Charlotte Lane


I am excited to introduce you to Cotton & Clay, a gorgeous online store run by South African born, Wellington living, Michelle de Klerk. Cotton & Clay came about when Michelle was looking for things to fill her own home. She was drawn to the work of artisans who crafted products inspired by nature and the vibrant South African culture that she knows only to well.

Michelle takes pride in sourcing her products from artists and designers that have used their skill to create products that are special and unique, yet functional and of the highest quality. They embrace the use of locally sourced materials and value fair & ethical labour.

Above are some of the gorgeous baskets that you will find online at Cotton & Clay along with so many other goodies to choose from. Happy shopping. 

You all know I love a good cabin/holiday home. How incredible is this cabin designed by JacobsChang? Designed and built on a shoestring budget was one of the musts, the other being that the owners were able to construct the entire thing themselves. What a perfect little hide away. 

I am such a dress girl in summer. There is nothing easier and more satisfying that waking up with beautiful weather and chucking on a summer dress for the day. Easy to wear and they look good. How beautiful are these from one of my favourite stores at present Charlotte Lane? These are arriving very soon to Charlotte Lane and as a special for Milo and Mitzy readers, Becks of Charlotte Lane is offering Milo and Mitzy readers 15% off storewide. Simply enter the code "milo15" for your 15% off storewide. Your welcome.

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Audrey Fitzjohn X Caroline Walls X NZ House & Garden

I dont know where time has gone lately. I think its true, the older you get, the shorter the years. Can you believe it is nearly spring. I am really ready for some sunshine. One downfall of rural living is the amount of mud and dust and the washing that comes along side of it. I think Patch goes through about 4 changes of clothing each day. Such a dream for someone who is not great at keeping up with washing!

Exciting news, Milo and Mitzy has been nominated for the Amara International Design blog awards. Im stoked and thankful to whomever did nominate me. Id be super grateful if you could pop over and flick me a quick vote by clicking here

Lately, I have been so inspired by the work of French born, kiwi living Audrey Fitzjohn. Her style is immaculate and her photography is beautiful. Not to mention her incredible house. That bedroom. Such a dream. And she can sew, knit and lately has put her hand towards pottery. 

Crushing on Caroline Walls art right now which was introduced to me by a friend who told me not to post about it as she wanted to keep this amazing artist all to herself. Be rude not to share it right? Sorry friend :) Beautiful paintings and nude drawings and so reasonably priced. 

Its that time again when another beautiful edition of New Zealand House & Garden magazine is out. I was stoked to see the beautiful familiy holiday home in Greece of English born, New Zealand living photographer, Georgina Skinner whos work I have long admired. Georginas family were capitivated by the Greek lifestyle and 3 years embarked on buliding a contemporary traditional Greek holiday home. 

Being so far away when the build took place was challenging for Georgina but they couldnt be happier with the results. Sitting out on the main bedroom balcony looking over the Albian Mountains is a favourite past time for Georgina and her family. There is no trouble slipping into island life and holiday mode in this beautiful setting.

Amy x

Mercer and Mercer X George & Willy X The Style Tales by Christall Lowe X Blackbird Goods

Back to school this week. I can hear the cheers from Mums around the country. Back to work for me that means. It was so nice to enjoy some ...