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Happy hump day. Change of career for me today. I go from being a primary school teacher one minute, to spending my day at home blogging, photographing and answering emails. Suits me well as I am get bored very easily. A bit of art love, fashion and some gorgeous interior inspiration on todays post. Enjoy.


Again, kicking off todays post with another flippen incredible kitchen and living area by design company GABBE. I can't get enough of this companies work. I mean seriously, those tiles, the wooden accents and those black window frames. What is not to love? Oh and did you see that there is a kilim in their kitchen... I die!


You know how much I love a good farm print? Amanda King, creator of new company By the horns nails it. I am loving what I see so far and I am excited that Amanda is in the process of adding to her range and building her profile. I was lucky enough to have Amanda share a bit of an insight on what goes into creating By the horns.

First and foremost, I am a mother, farmer's wife, school teacher, children's photographer and now the creator of 'By the horns,' fine art prints. I grew up in Australia, met my husband in Croatia while on our OE, and now both living on the family farm in a small town called Windwhislte. I studied Education and have been teaching for 11 years, but during this time discovered my passion for photography. Anybody who knows me will tell you my love for animals, and I find myself lucky to be living on a farm and looking at these beautiful creatures every day! If only I could keep them all as pets. I plan on building on my portfolio in coming months, and years.  
By The Horns started all because I decided I wanted a large print for myself of a Highland Cow in my living room. After taking the picture, getting it printed on museum quality paper and then of course framed,   I started to get interest from other people and decided to get out there and take more photos of all rural animals for prints! 
 Great photographs move me, so I am happy to be an avid photographer hoping to produce my own moving images.  Photography forces you to look at the world much harder than normal. It makes you find intriguing, unusual, and stunning beauty in unexpected places, and forces you into new spaces looking for more! I really do enjoy what I do, whether that is taking photos of children or animals!
I get a lot of inspiration from Instagram. I love to see how people are using artwork to accentuate their living spaces.  Some of my favourites I am currently following are @thewhiteroominteriors_nyc, @themodestfarmhouse, @well_isnt_that_lovely, @norsuinteriors, @_myhousemystyle_, @the_stables_   just to name a few!!!
Thank you so much Amanda for that insight into life behind By The Horns. If you are looking for a special piece to add to your walls, this is your place. Happy Shopping.

As a long time fan of New Zealand designed and made, Staple + Cloth, I am noticing that the brand just keeps going from strength to strength and is only getting better with age. Classic and modern, understated and elegant, the Spring Collection of Day Vs Night has my name all over it.

Amy x

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