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A gorgeous holiday home on Australias NSW coastal line as seen in the Australian House and Garden Magazine photographed by Maree Homer and styled by Louise Bickle.

My wardrobe is very much in need of a major over haul. Ive now come to the conclusion that quality is definitely better than quantity, for sure. New Zealands luxury merino and cashmere lable, Marle has been on my radar for some time now and each season they just keep getting better. I am eyeing up one of their gorgeous cashmere knits as a staple in my wardrobe. Perfect paired with jeans or a skirt and dressed up or down.

Bespoke Weaving pieces styled and photographed by Indie Home Collective

I adore the work of designer Laine Toia of Bespoke Weaving. Her pieces push the boundries and the story behind each is so inspiring and touching. I was lucky enough to ask Laine some questions and find a bit more out about the story behind the brand, Bespoke Weaving.

Tell us your background? How did Bespoke Weaving begin? 

Although I am from Maori decent, I also grew up partly in the middle east and Australia, expanding my knowledge and appreciation for culture. From a young age, I was taught to be thankful for the plants that nurture us in our everyday life. This translated into my creation process as I say a Karakia (Prayer) to thank the plant for providing the stems for me to weave with. I was also taught the original steps to prepare the plant for weaving, From sourcing the plant, stripping and drying the fibres out, right up to dying the natural fibres before it is woven.

Bespoke Weaving came about during my recovery time from a surgery whilst I was healing. I have always loved textiles. I made it my mission to create something during my time off work. Because of my background in interior design, I was able to incorporate a modern edge to the tradition that I already knew. 

Indie Home Collective is a pretty great name to have behind your brand, how did that relationship come about?

I was the manager of their flagship Newmarket store for almost two years before I recently left to explore my new venture of weaving. The team at Indie Home Collective became like family and I am so grateful for their support. I have always been in love with Indie Home Collectives taste and execution of styling,.Before I was employed there, I would go into the shop to dribble over their new things in store. After a while, the girls knew who I was and knew I would love the opportunity to work with them, so when a position came available I jumped at the opportunity.

Working in an environment with creatives every day fueled my fire to expand my work with Bespoke Weaving.

What inspires your works?

I am a nature baby, absolutely love the outdoors and the ocean/Tangaroa (god of the sea) has my heart. I have always taken inspiration from our landscape whether it has influenced my colour pallet or the shape and form of my work. Weaving has became almost like a form of meditation to me, I find it very comforting see how each piece slowly evolves and flows into something beautiful. So there is always a lot of emotion in my work to reflect how I am feeling at the time.

What other creative brands do you admire?

I bow my head to Jacqui Fink and Hello Hydrangea for pushing the boundaries of weaving. I also love Rebecca Desnos work - Botanical Colour at your fingertips.

Thank you so much gorgeous Laine. I very much admire your beautiful work.


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