Happy Monday. The husbands birthday today.  A bit cheesy but I am so bloody proud of him and what he has achieved in his 36 years.  And in saying that, we tried to talk him into having a day off but that didn't work! He said he will come home for a coffee and lunch date and a nice dinner this evening so that suits me. And I threw him a dinner party on Saturday night which turned into a late one so its fair to say we are a bit slow here today still.

I am such a fan of cafe culture as you may well be aware of. The thing is, so many cafes get it wrong and end up closing. To me, great food, good coffee and easy on the eye are absolutely essential. A no brainer really. Lyles of London absolutely nail their styling and from what I have read their food and coffee is a must try too. Just goes to show, a great name and its being shared all over the Internet.

Honestly, my kids, Frankie and Patch are growing like you would not believe! I tell them to slow down. They actually don't fit many of their winter clothes from last year so I have to do a total new wardrobe over haul. First stop for me was definitely Kiddy Couture. Kiddy Couture have a great selection for both boys and girls and some really neat, east to wear brands.

This beauty of a home based in Darlinghurst, Sydney is by the oh so flippen clever duo Juliette Arent and Sarah-Jane Pyke of Arent and Pyke.  The history and character of this home was carefully maintained throughout the renovations. And that amazing little court yard, how good is that? This is my dream home in my other high flying Sydney life! Photography by Tom Ferguson and styling by Emma Elizabeth Coffey

Happy Monday.

Amy x

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