The Slow x House of Jamie x Cultiver

Thursday, my last full week before going back to school. Eeek. Im rather enjoying being at home. We have a family wedding tomorrow at the beautiful Blackbarn in Hawkes Bay which I am very much looking forward to. And although this rain is good, perhaps holding off tomorrow would be a good idea.

I am completely in awe of Balis The Slow designed by George Gorrow, the original co-founder of Ksubi. No wonder it is so darn cool. Oh and jeepers I have to get to Bali one day. Is that where all the best of the best designers hang? Seems like it.

Oh would you look at these? I will take one of each colour for Frankie please and do you make them in adults sizes? No but seriosuly, if anyone wants to order one these amazing ruffle jumpsuits from House of Jamie, let me know, I would love to jump in on your order to cut shipping costs.

Cultiver, you get it right every time. Every god dam time! So many things to choose from, so much inspiration, always on top of your game.

Short and sweet today, sorry but this gal has got a lot to do before the tribe get home from preschool.

Happy weekend.

Amy x

Annabell Kutucu

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