Home Tour x Brijana Cato x Foodie Fave

We are back after a wee break away at the lake which was lovely. Hows the weather this summer, I dont mean to talk weather but we are so dry here in Hawkes Bay yet we havent had much of a summer. Although in saying that, it is currently raining outside.

I spoke a bit on my instagram stories the other day as I felt like I was in a bit of a creative rutt over on Instagram. I work hard to push my instagram and yet I felt like I was second guessing myself a bit. I have since realised that I was worried I wasnt being real enough but in fact, that is not that case at all. I am 100 percent real, however, Milo and Mitzy is not a brand where I will be sharing my absolute uncovered daily life in terms of my family. Milo and Mitzy is a design blog first and foremost and I need to stay true to that. My goal is to showcase the best of New Zealand, Australian and international design with a wee glimpse of my own life and home. So with that being said, I want to start by showing you a gorgeous hunting cabin turned family home.

Based in the Los Angeles hills, this gorgeous family home has been transformed from a hunting cabin into a labour of love. The owners have worked hard to strip it down and have chosen each piece of furniture carefully from midcentury one off pieces to furniture made by friends.  To see more of this incredible home, pop over to owner Serenas beautiful instagram account.

I have been following young New Zealand photographer Brijana Cato for a wee while now since first discovering her instagram account and I reckon she deserves all the credit that she can get. Such cool work, with a few big names to add to her client list including RPM and Federation. The fun adventuourous vibe that her work entails is what I really dig.  This girl is seriously one to watch.

I am all about fresh, quick, healthy meals this summer. Currently, I am eating a lot of crispy chicken and fish tacos. Cant get much better. This image by food stylist Nathan Carrabba.

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