Duett Design x Green x Loft Tour

Ive been watching the progression of Duett Design for quite sometime now. Duett Design is run by husband and wife team, Hannah and Greg Straight. Duett Design now brings larger photography prints to the table by talented New Zealand artists Nic Staveley and Rueben James. These large prints work well in many different styled homes.

Usually I am a navy kind of girl when it comes to colours and although I still am, I am really digging green in both fashion and interiors. Clock wise from top left. Scandinavian kitchen featuring green floor, Martino Gamper Stool from Paper Plane Store, Girls dress by Gray label, Bathroom by Elizabeth Roberts, Designer bath by designer Micheal ScherrerLumbini Rug from Precinct 35, Green velvet sofa.

I absolutely adore this loft like Brooklyn family home designed by Elizabeth Roberts Architecture and Design. An extensive renovation took place to expose existing floorboards and that beautiful staircase, how could one not love it, right?

Happy new school year to families with school kids. I am back teaching next week so another week to sink my teeth into some blog work and DIY and a family weddding on Friday which I am looking forward to.

Amy x

NZ House & Garden x Brosa x NY Loft

Hey, Hawkes Bay people and beyond, who is coming to the Hawkes Bay NZ House and Garden tour? I will be there and cannot wait.

And while we are on the subject of the NZ House and Garden Tour, this beautiful home above photographed by the talented Brian Culy will be one that you can view here in Hawkes Bay, along with many others. The tour is also coming to four other lcoations throughout NZ during February, March and April -Hawkes Bay, Tauranga, Christchurch, Wanaka and Auckland. Honestly I wish I could get to them all.

Ive been lucky enough to have a sneak peek at some of the featured homes and seriously, you will not be dissapointed. I mean, who wouldnt want to view some of the countries most beautiful houses and gardens? There are various tickets avaliable so check here to see all of the details, and Hawkes Bay people, I will see you there. Be sure to say hi.

I am such a massive fan of Brosa. Their story really sits well with me. A store selling beautiful designer furniture directly from the maker without the hefty price tag. Cutting out the wholesalers and importers if you look at it this way. There are so many pieces that I have my eye on and you all know that I am a sucker for chairs, so above are two of my faves. Oh and are you in the market for a sofa? Brosa have some of the coolest I have seen around lately. Too many to choose from in fact.

Isnt this the most incredible New York loft belonging to interior designer Jennifer Hanlin? You know, one of those ones you see in your dreams... Young, driven and living the highlife in New York, you know? That dream! Or is that just me?

I just wanted to chat a bit before I go, I often get asked from people who have just started a new business, how to go about getting their name out there. Social media is hugely important, but I think before you launch into that, I cant stress this enough, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pay to get product shots as well as styled images. This is the most important thing for me as we are talking online here, a visual tool. Its not like people can pick up your product and have a look at it in the flesh in most cases, so to me, photography is hugely important. A cost you might be trying to avoid but for me, this is something I definitely wouldnt skimp on.

Secondly, back yourself and contact your favourite blogs. Be confident. More than likely, if you have great photos and a good product, that blogger or online influencer will be interested. I mean, if it was me, I would be sending out emails to several bloggers, crossing my fingers that one of them was interested in either blogging/photographing my product. And if they are not, you will simply recieve a thanks but no thanks. Dont let that discourage you, it just might not suit the bloggers style.

Please do flick me any questions, I am always happy to help.

Happy Thursday to you all.

Amy x

Home Tour x Brijana Cato x Foodie Fave

We are back after a wee break away at the lake which was lovely. Hows the weather this summer, I dont mean to talk weather but we are so dry here in Hawkes Bay yet we havent had much of a summer. Although in saying that, it is currently raining outside.

I spoke a bit on my instagram stories the other day as I felt like I was in a bit of a creative rutt over on Instagram. I work hard to push my instagram and yet I felt like I was second guessing myself a bit. I have since realised that I was worried I wasnt being real enough but in fact, that is not that case at all. I am 100 percent real, however, Milo and Mitzy is not a brand where I will be sharing my absolute uncovered daily life in terms of my family. Milo and Mitzy is a design blog first and foremost and I need to stay true to that. My goal is to showcase the best of New Zealand, Australian and international design with a wee glimpse of my own life and home. So with that being said, I want to start by showing you a gorgeous hunting cabin turned family home.

Based in the Los Angeles hills, this gorgeous family home has been transformed from a hunting cabin into a labour of love. The owners have worked hard to strip it down and have chosen each piece of furniture carefully from midcentury one off pieces to furniture made by friends.  To see more of this incredible home, pop over to owner Serenas beautiful instagram account.

I have been following young New Zealand photographer Brijana Cato for a wee while now since first discovering her instagram account and I reckon she deserves all the credit that she can get. Such cool work, with a few big names to add to her client list including RPM and Federation. The fun adventuourous vibe that her work entails is what I really dig.  This girl is seriously one to watch.

I am all about fresh, quick, healthy meals this summer. Currently, I am eating a lot of crispy chicken and fish tacos. Cant get much better. This image by food stylist Nathan Carrabba.

Edito x Patchys room

This morning has seen me hanging out with a photographer from stuff.co.nz. He was shooting images of me to go along side the design space column that I write monthly. So of course I took full advantage of a professional photographer visiting me out in the wops and got him to share some tips and tricks for photographing rooms and products. Thank you Murray.

I discovered Edito recently and let me tell you, I have been eyeing up pretty much their whole store ever since. Seriously, that leather. You should see the rest of the range. And very reasonably pried too. I will be saving my pennies.

Over the holidays I painted Patchys room and while it is still not quite finished, a few more bits and pieces to go in and a little fun paint detailing to go on the wall, I am happy with the result. What a difference a lick of Dulux Okarito makes. Goodbye beige walls. Now if only someone would come in and do my whole house. Id be stoked!

Amy x

Annandale x Velvet x Flo & Frankie

A huge happy new years to you all and welcome back to the land of technology although I am sure, in this day and age you probably didn't even leave. We have had a good Christmas's and new years catching up with friends and family. Being married to a farmer means we don't go far over the Christmas break, (busy time of year) yet we have still managed to have some fun late nights and will hopefully get away towards the end of this week before the school term starts again.

That's not to say that I haven't been searching and admiring beautiful accommodation spots. This one above is Scrubby Bay, one of the villas belonging to the the incredible Annandale, which has been on my radar for quite sometime now. Based on the Banks Peninsular just east of Christchurch, Annandale offers four luxury award winning villas on a rural sheep and beef farm with spectacular gardens and surrounds, an award winning chef and many outdoor activities such as kayaking to keep you busy.

Absolutely in love with this dusky pink velvet and brass chair from French Country Collections. I can see this is as a beautiful bedroom chair.

A beautiful, classic large round velvet cushion from the gorgeous Urban Home

A gorgeous Bobo Choses cape velvet cape from Beau Monde Babe which actually goes on sale at 10am this morning with over 50% off and in fact, at 10am, they are having their biggest sale ever with up to 70% off some items. (Their website is closed until 10am)

I am digging velvet right now. A classic timeless fabric. Nothing too over the top, just a hint here and there in both interiors and fashion. Here are a few of my current velvet picks.

And lastly, before I go, my new favourite shop, Flo & Frankie. Not only do I love the name (for obvious reasons) but their collection is amazing. So so many items of clothing that I am after. I could update my whole wardrobe there.

Before I go, this year as an extra addition to Milo and Mitzy, I will be offering blogging services out to time poor businesses who would like to get their blogs updated regularly but just don't get the time. This will simply be writing a weekly blog post for two or three businesses that fit with my style. If you would like to hear more about this, please do drop me an email.

Amy x

Logan and Mason - Timeless and Classic

Recently, I was lucky to be given the opportunity, again, to style some gorgeous bedding from Logan and Mason. This time...