Hometour X Blackbird Goods X Biskit Cafe and Kitchen

Its a kidless non teaching day for me today. I love these days. To put that simply, the kids are at kindy and I don't have any teaching! yahoo. Although the husband has roped me into helping him on the farm for a couple of hours. All good if it means that I can put my boots and jacket on and get out the door with out having to come back in the door  three times to go toilet and various other things and without having a pocket full of snacks, and generally a few odd raisins still left in my pocket by the end of the day!

Trying to get back to normal on the blog this week after a week off, first up is this gorgeous apartment on Sydney's Bondi Coast belonging to Australian actor Simon Baker Denny.

The white walls and stained floor boards are a winner for me but its actually their choice of furniture that has drawn me in. A great eclectic mix demonstrating how older piece can look in a modern apartment. This apartment is actually up for sale and was found with thanks to Est Magazine.

Secondly, no introduction needed to these guys really... but, the super talented Gem and Nathan of Blackbird Goods have hit the onlines shelves and looking mighty fine must I add. Pop over here to check out their new online store. I have my eye on those super awesome slippers!

Lastly, I have recently come across Biskit Café and Kitchen, situated in Aucklands, Parnell. (Dam you Aucklanders getting all the goodies!) Serving a mix of Western and Japanese cuisine, Biskit is the prime spot to sit and watch the world go by with amazing food and coffee in hand.

Happy Tuesday.

Amy x

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