Home tours meets photography session

I thought I would start off the week with a bit of home tour love and a little bit about the photos that I have been taking lately for both Milo and Mitzys instagram and the blog.

A gorgeous gorgeous home found thanks to Desire to Inspire by design firm, Alexander & Co. I would totally recommend spending some time over on Desire to Inspire if you are seeking inspiration for a new build.
I have been working this year on taking my own photos as you might well have figured out. I am using these mainly for my instagram. Being the fussy over the top person that I am, particularly when it comes to photos, I always very hesitant to use my own as I am clearly no photographer. However, to stay fresh and ahead in this game, I think it is essential. Hence the reason I purchased a new camera, a Canon 70d which I fought until the very end to win on a Trade Me battle. And heres the thing, I still don't know how to use it but when I get the time, I sit there and watch youtube clips to better my skills.
My focus at the moment is taking product shots, I also am taking the photos for our Frankie wears along with a few interior shots from my own home and I take my camera when I head to visit stylish eateries as you know I am all for amazing café interior.
The biggest thing that I have learnt is that the lighting is key. So here I was trying to stick my products beside a window but then I found it was too bright on one side of the photo and not bright enough on the other. Its been all about playing around and experimenting for me.

These shots here that I have taken have been edited for instagram purposes. I am still getting my head around editing and getting the exposure right as well the brightness and contrast etc. If you can recommend any great editing programs, let me know.
The other thing I wanted to add in here is that photos are crucial. If you own a store or you are designer of some sort yet you are not great at taking photos, I would highly recommend paying for some photos. The amount of emails that I have had from people who have great products, yet have just taken a quick phone snap on their kitchen table, I cannot count. And it is no offence at all but myself, along with a lot of other design bloggers, I would say, are very fussy about the images featured on their site. SO on that note, whilst I am still learning, if you would like to find out more about getting me to photograph some of your products, drop me an email for information and prices, miloandmitzy@gmail.com
Amy x

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