Fearon Hay meet Tessuti

Afternoon to you all. And a huge hello to all of my new readers. Its exciting to see more and more people stopping by the blog on a daily basis! If I only could keep up with huh? But do keep those emails coming in. I love seeing what is new out there and sometimes you save me the job of looking. Always a bonus saving time!

First up, I have been keeping an eye on New Zealands Fearon Hay Architects for a while now. I love what they do, I love what they are about and always super awesome seeing NZ design carving up. What attracts me so much to these guys is the way in which they bring in the outside elements. Being an outdoor girl, I thrive on their ability to incorporate nature into their designs, particularly their coastal properties.

Photography by Simon Wilson Styling by Amelia Holmes

This amazing beachfront villa built in 1910 was reworked and extended but carefully keeping the existing design elements in place. Such a dream spot.

Gorgeous images taken by the talented Indie Home Collective team

And secondly, on my wish list right now, the most gorgeous banana stool from the lovely Ali at Tessuti. How awesome is it??

Amy x

Annabell Kutucu

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