Friday Finds

Happy Friday to you all. A quick Friday find post as I am meant to be cleaning my house which is in a right state! Why is it that I clean and clean and clean and then somehow its messy again within 5 minutes. Ill blame the toddlers but the husband is not far behind.

First up, I am loving Wanaka based business, Luxe Trading Company. I know there are many of you that will appreciate the rugs that they supply by American company Dash and Albert as much as I do.

I am sure sucker for a new rug. Makes such a difference to a room and easy to change around. The Luxe Trading Company have hit the nail on the head when it comes to modern on trend deigns that  work well with many different styles. (There are gorgeous coloured rugs available also. Best to pop over and check them out)

Next up, I am loving everything that Vull Design have in store at the moment. From ceramics through to bedding, art work and accessories. These guys are bang on trend. How good is this Made of Tomorrow duffel bag and marble pillow case... AND they have the best selection of coffee table books. My secret obsession!


And lastly, I am an absolute sucker for mirrors. Like all things, mirrors too, are changing over time. I remember just a short while ago we were all collecting mirrors to create a mirror wall. Todays mirror is sleek, modern and a statement piece in any room.

These Middle of Nowhere mirrors from Superette are exactly what I have been looking for. Sleek yet timeless.

Happy weekend.

Amy x

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