Opera Kitchen Hawkes Bay Opening

You all know how much I admire the work of Jennifer LeComte of Eat Drink Share HB. So it is of no surprise to me that I absolutely love the new Opera Kitchen space that Jennifer opened today.

An amazing building, incredible interiors and to die for windows. And of course still the very highest standard cuisine that you can always expect from any of Jennifers eateries.

The place was buzzing by the time that I left. Lots of tables and a fab little outdoor area for those summer days. Watch this space for more exciting Opera Kitchen happenings. This place is one to watch.
Amy x
Photography by Amy Tennent for Milo and Mitzy

Frankie Wears

We have a new series here at Milo and Mitzy called Frankie wears. We kicked it off last week with the gorgeous Peggy dress from Beau Monde Babe. This week Frankie wears two of my favourite brands.

Frankie wears the gorgeous Freya dress in navy from Nature Baby. Beautiful quality made from a stretch cotton which means she will get plenty of wear out of it. Very cool for in between seasons or with tights in the winter months. Next up, my family and I kick around in our gumboots the majority of our days. We wear them everywhere which is why I love the Babour Wellies. Amazing quality and super stylish. Here Frankie wears the kids navy Babour Wellies.

If you own a girls clothing label or clothing store and you are interested in finding out more about being apart of our new series Frankie Wears please email me on miloandmitzy@gmail.com
Amy x

Winter Cabin

Busy social easter weekend which I love. We shot down to Wellington just for the night to take the kids to the zoo. Stayed at the very cool Bolton Hotel and walked the water front for breakfast and dinner. My shoe mission the following day didn't quite go as I had seen it playing out in my head. Shoe shopping, toddlers and busy Wellington streets don't mix too well.

If you read this blog regularly you will know my desire to one day own a small holiday cabin or bach. Hence the reason I am always pinning and saving images. How great is the interior of this gorgeous Scandinavian styled winter cabin by architects Aslak Haanshuus Arkitekter?
Happy hump day. I will be back on the blog later today with some new personal work. 2 in one day, that's pretty good for me!
Amy x

Home Tour

Im feeling a little edgy about how many of my own images have appeared in the last few blog posts so Ive decided to go for a beautiful, clean and simple aesthetic for todays home tour. (Do I sound a bit crazy to you all?)

This gorgeous home, currently owned by Swedish Stylist Josefin Haag, is for sale over on Fantastic Frank.  Its teeny tiny flat, but Im loving the textures and the details, particularly that photo wall. We are so very lucky here down under. I think we all take the amount of space we have in our homes for granted sometimes. Well I do.

Amy x

Monday Mix Up

Happy Monday to you. I am loving this heat. I've had several people tell me lately that they are looking forward to winter. Don't get me wrong, I love nothing more than the fire roaring and an amazing winter coat but Im not keen on that right now. This warm weather is gold for me!
This simple beach house suits me down to the ground. Easy to clean, clean lines, fresh and bright. Wouldn't want anything else. (yes yes I am still dreaming of the perfect bach, one day!)

How cool are these guys from New Zealands Lusso? These would be the perfect addition in any home. How awesome would they look in a natural coloured nursery?
Mum and Dad gave me some figs in the weekend from their tree so I have been searching for recipes. How good is baked Brie? See the recipe here.
Not many words today, my brain and I aren't really seeing eye to eye! I write this as my two year old stands behind me massaging my shoulders!
Amy x 

Frankie for Beau Monde Babe

A cute little thing for your Sunday on todays blog, but then I may be a bit bias! This is my wee Frankie modelling the Peggy Carrie Dress from Beau Monde Babe.

Beau Monde Babe have some gorgeous things in store including new Hubble and Duke, the cutest little Florence Bunnies from ILKA by Vanessa Bryne and my favourite, amazing new Louise Misha.

If you are keen to work with Milo and Mitzy in a similar way if you think that your brand is the right fit, do get in touch for more information. Id love to hear from you. miloandmitzy@gmail.com

Happy Sunday.

Amy.... and Frankie xx

Milo and Mitzy and Dulux NZ

I have been working with Dulux NZ lately and I can honestly tell you that it has been a fantastic experience. If anything, its me that's the slow one! DIY takes time. Frankies room was the first room that I made over in our new home. When I say new home, we have been here for two years.  Like I said, all good things take time, especially with toddlers at your feet!
Dulux were amazing to deal with. I am no painter and tend to rush my decisions so I took the time to talk with Tina of Roomie who is a Dulux colour consultant. She pointed me in the right direction when it came to what white to use and I also seeked advice on which mustard yellow to go for in the stripe.
I ended up using Dulux Okarito for the white which I am super happy with. Im finding this colour fresh and bright with no yellow under tones. I wanted to give off a fun and inviting feel with a touch of vintage so I added art works from Concrete Blush, Misery Guts and Margeret Petchell. The gorgeous linen duvet cover is a Cultiver Linen blush pink from Gathered. I added some gorgeous belly baskets from Miss Molly Coddle and the rug is a very cool black and white rug from Trade Aid.
I look forward to showing you my laundry which is nearly done and then onto Patchys room. I am eyeing up my bathroom after that. I can hear the husband in my head saying finish one job before you think about starting another, bla bla bla!
Oh and one last thing, excuse the photos etc, this took a bit of guts to put my own home on the blog. I am super fussy about what goes on the blog and believe me I am no photographer nor am I a stylist but it is something that I am working on so that I can show you more from my own home.
Amy x

People behind the brand - Aleisha of The Lucy Chase Project

I am thrilled to bring to you, as part of our 'people behind the brand series' the gorgeous Aleisha of The Lucy Chase Project. Aleisha styles gorgeous events and weddings under her new Hawkes Bay based business, Lucy Chase. Before bringing Lucy Chase home, Aleisha worked one of Australia's leading wedding planning and styling companies. A welcome breath of fresh air for the Hawkes Bay wedding industry. Thank you also to Aleisha for allowing me to share all of her amazing images from her own wedding shot by photographer Lilli Waters.

Tell us about The Lucy Chase Project, how and why did it all begin for you? And what is happening currently?

The Lucy Chase Project was started as a blog in the winter of 2012. I was working tirelessly in an unpaid internship (Melbourne) and was very keen to make an impression on the events world. In particular, the world of weddings.

I chose an alias in ‘Lucy Chase’. Initially I was a bit scared to share who was behind the brand. I had no financial goals for TLCP and chose early on not to monetize it.

One day I noticed the creative director of Georgeous (Melbourne) following me. Of course, I sent her a fan-girl email and 3 days later had a job. I worked for 3 years with the Georgeous team moving from Wedding planner and stylist to eventually Brand and Marketing Manager. I absolutely loved everything about my job and was exposed to an incredible world of weddings and business. TLCP was put second in line over this time.

I got engaged in 2014 and we made a decision to tie in the wedding with a move back to NZ. I realised very early on I needed to create a job and industry for myself in NZ.

I spent 2015 doing lots of market research and planning for the next chapter of The Lucy Chase Project, which evolved into a business named simply Lucy Chase.

The one area of the Hawkes Bay industry, which seemed particularly dated (and in need of a shake-up!) was the lack of options for hire for weddings. It was impossible for me to be a wedding stylist without the fundamentals of hire pieces. I looked at Queenstown, Waiheke and Tauranga and knew the Bay had the same potential.

Don’t get me wrong; there are some great options here but no hire furniture that tickled my fancy. And so… we made the leap and invested in 150 beautiful bentwoods and set about custom making tables, bars and bench seats and just like that I had a business! It was a pretty big risk and significant outlay.

We were married in January and this I guess this was the official launch. Since Jan, we have secured several exciting jobs and are rapidly growing our client base and inventory.

Once we establish the hire side of the business there will be more to come. I have to tell myself to slow down on a daily basis! All far too exciting!
How does a normal day unfold for you?

My day always starts with a coffee and my laptop at the dining table planning the day ahead. I am complete productivity and to-do list nerd. I try to stick to my rule of having the biggest thing on my list ticked off by 11am.

Generally speaking earlier in the week there is a lot of admin. Emails, quoting and invoicing. Eventually I would love to employ someone to look after this side of the business.

I try to get on the road a couple of days a week to visit venues, meet suppliers and of course clients. I love this face-to-face contact and for the start up it has been such an important part of the growth.

My evening down-time is usually Pinterest or Instagram. I convince myself this is still working! I have a tonne of secret boards with my crazy ideas and projects.

Fridays usually involve time in the warehouse getting ready for the weekend. Weekends are often bumping in and out of weddings and events. And of course, having a cheeky vino on a Sunday evening feeling pretty lucky to be able to be doing this for myself.

Who or what inspires you?

I am inspired by game-changers. The people who push the boundaries and rewrite the rules. The ones who march to the beat of their own drum.  In the wedding game I love Joy Thigpen, Amy Merrick and of course my old team at Georgeous.

From an aesthetic point of view. I am inspired by interiors - cafes in particular.

As I am sure is the same with most creative, Pinterest makes my heart flutter on a daily basis. Anything from a pair of shoes to a wild floral arrangement.

What are you reading right now, books, magazines, websites, blogs?

Books – I was recently given ‘Start me up’ by Robert Klanten and Anna Sinofzik. It is beside the bed and I have spent the last few nights pouring over the beautiful pages.

Podcasts – When I drive I often put on Kate Robinson’s Planted with light podcasts.

Websites & Blogs – I love Sunday Suppers & Local Milk. I also follow Ok Real and Of Kin.

Magazines – I never miss an issue of The Collective, Homestyle, Dumbo Feather and Together Journal.
Your fashion style and your interior style, explain them to us.

My fashion style is very minimalist and simple with a touch of bohemian occasionally popped in for good measure. I invest in pieces such as sunglasses and handbags and then team them with basics usually in black, white, grey or stripes…

Our interior is a whole lot of neutrals. I love Scandinavian interiors and textures – linens, concretes, furs…  Oh and houseplants! It broke my heart when I had to give away my collection when we left Melbourne and am slowly gathering more.

We are visiting your local area for a day, can you suggest what we can do? Shops, cafes, attractions?
Favourite Eateries…

Any in the Eat, Drink, Share Hawkes Bay group. (Smiths, Albion Canteen, Picnic and Opera Kitchen). Hapi. Bistronomy. Blackbarn. Wright and Co.

Favourite spots…

I love the lesser known Central Hawkes Bay beaches, in particular Akito and Kairakau. Take a picnic and make sure you stop at the amazing op shops along the way.  

Te Puia Hot Springs is our secret spot for wowing our Australian friends.

And lastly, what are you cooking for dinner guests right now?

It would likely include something my husband has foraged or caught. Anything you can eat with your hands and share!

Our go-to for dinner guests is home-made tortillas (a recipe from Al Brown) served with freshly caught fish, lots of chilli and a colourful herby salsa.
Thank you so much Aleisha, welcome home to Hawkes Bay. We cant wait to see what exciting up and coming projects you have planned.
Amy x

Aleishas gorgeous wedding images by I Got You Babe the rest are mood boards put together by Aleisha for The Lucy Chase Project.

The Wanderers Travel Co and Amber Lewis

Happy Tuesday to you. Much colder here today in my neck of the woods and Im under the weather which is not ideal. Honey and lemon drinks it is for me. A couple of things to share with you today.

First up are these gorgeous these amazing luxe leather travel bags by new Australian company Wanderers Travel Co. If you are going to travel, you might as well travel in style. Visit their facebook page here. Website coming soon.

And next up, I'm just sharing some goodness from the queen of interior design, Amber Lewis just because I can. Just because I love her. Just because she is flippen amazing! Just because!
You should serious pop over and check out Ambers before and afters here. They are unbelievable. Do I sound obsessed?! 
Amy x

Monday Mix up

Monday again. That was quick. I trust you all had a good weekend. I managed to get lots of house jobs done which is always a good feeling. The husband has been harping on at me to finish all my various projects off. I AM GREAT AT STARTING... not so good at finishing!

First up today if you don't already know of Pony Lane, you should. A gorgeous home wares store offering individual, unique products with a focus on statement pieces. While they have pages full of gorgeous products for your home, they also have amazing jewellery and accessories. I am very very much loving these particular pieces, perfect for any outfit.

Next up, I think its a bit of a New Zealand thing, but I LOVE black houses. I am lucky enough to live in a gorgeous black house in and am very thankful to the old owners for choosing to paint it black. This amazing home in Victorias Mornington Peninsular found thanks to Est Magazine is black inside and out. While I am not totally sold on the inside being black, I am all over the dark outside. And how about those garage doors?

Lastly, I am all over this healthy peanut butter pie. Aren't you?

Amy x

Logan and Mason - Timeless and Classic

Recently, I was lucky to be given the opportunity, again, to style some gorgeous bedding from Logan and Mason. This time...