Monday mix up on a Tuesday as crazy as it sounds!

Welcome back to those here in New Zealand who have enjoyed a long weekend.  A short week for us which is absolute music to my ears, although there are a few things to fit in. A Monday mix up for you all today even though we are now into Tuesday.

As a long time fan of Sydney's C + M Studio, I wanted to share these images of one of their recent renovations to which they opened the doors to the public. As well as getting a glimpse at the amazing newly refurbished home, everything inside of it was also up for sale to the public.

Last year I was extremely lucky to work along side of the talented Virginia of Forestry. I was given the opportunity to put my hand at designing a blanket for her. The grid/circle blanket sold out quickly but luckily for us, Virginia is still producing the goods. I am in awe of her latest range and think I might have to add to my growing pile of Forestry woollen blankets.

And lastly, searching for that perfect last minute valentines gift? Bearded NZ, which has recently changed ownership, is certainly set for new and exciting things. I can vouch that their products are amazing and of incredible quality. The husband is a massive fan of the hair balm. You can thank me later for the outstanding gift idea!

Amy x

Annabell Kutucu

I have always adored Annabell Kutucu hence the reason I am head over heels for this newly transformed apartment in Vienna...